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We are a PC gaming community with friendly and mature members that play games like Grand Theft Auto 5, King of the Hill, Altis Life, Battlefield, Minecraft, GRAV, H1Z1 and more. We are a great source for game discussions, technical support, computer showcases and more.

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@  Mdude™ (20 minutes ago) https://www.youtube....h?v=Go7gn6dugu0
@  Mdude™ (20 minutes ago) This is literally one of the best music videos I've ever seen:
@  Thunder (24 minutes ago) GN
@  joey (25 minutes ago) oh noes he is going to bed
@  Cola (26 minutes ago) ok folks, im going to bed, got work in the morning. Good night!
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (33 minutes ago) LOL game so good, it takes up an entire laptop harddrive
@  LoneWolf (51 minutes ago) cya man
@  Ghost (56 minutes ago) Goodnight gsn work tomorow see you all tomorow after work ;-)
@  Nackers (59 minutes ago) Livestreaming the GTA V Community Event! http://www.twitch.tv/nackerstv/
@  M249-M4A1 (Today, 03:00 PM) It will eat up another 60 gigs after it downloads and unpacks files. You'll need 120gb free temporarily lol. Not sure if that obscene unpacking is standard or for preloads only
@  Cullen (Today, 02:53 PM) its crazy
@  Cullen (Today, 02:53 PM) 60 gigs
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 02:53 PM) GTA V Install ETA Time: 17hours. LOL
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 02:48 PM) Also, Trys, Yeah, my forum posts are going back to being pink.
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 02:47 PM) LOL @Bourbon, Oh youuu.
@  Jake (Today, 02:29 PM) my new profile pic tho
@  Bourbon (Today, 02:24 PM) butters why would you watch a stream of GTA 5 when you own it? o.O
@  TryzHD (Today, 02:05 PM) now you also hafe to type in pink :P
@  TryzHD (Today, 02:04 PM) Dat Group name "pretty princess"
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 02:02 PM) I did. :D
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 02:02 PM) Cool, because I need to play GTA V through Streams. You will be my proxy tonight. Please dont let me down.
@  TryzHD (Today, 02:02 PM) oh my god butter finally got pink
@  Thunder (Today, 01:57 PM) sure
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 01:57 PM) eastern right?
@  Nackers (Today, 01:55 PM) 4pm
@  Thunder (Today, 01:55 PM) 19 Apr 2015 04:15 PM
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 01:54 PM) When, Nackers?
@  Channel7Bob (Today, 01:54 PM) ZING
@  Nackers (Today, 01:53 PM) The GTA event that is.
@  Channel7Bob (Today, 01:53 PM) I just finished streaming, my bladder isnt full anymore though x)
@  Nackers (Today, 01:52 PM) I'm going to attempt to steram GTA today.
@  M249-M4A1 (Today, 01:51 PM) home from work early today. anyone streaming?
@  Cola (Today, 01:27 PM) My favourite colour is blue, no! YELLOW!
@  HacksawJack (Today, 01:27 PM) such a nice day
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:24 PM) .......
@  Cola (Today, 01:22 PM) THe spokes ich type thingys
@  Cola (Today, 01:21 PM) THe small piece of metal, the rims, they keep the tire together. ^^
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:20 PM) ?
@  Cola (Today, 01:18 PM) You talking about the rims, Commy? lol
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:18 PM) 3rd flat in 2 weeks... was getting annoying
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 01:17 PM) After intense looking at my bicycle tire, i finally found a really small piece of metal stuck in the tire....
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 01:10 PM) event starts in 2hrs right? dont want to miss it
@  Chancey_19 (Today, 01:06 PM) Yeah I remember you in our servers now Cola
@  Cola (Today, 01:05 PM) Hehe Im saving it for my GSN member bigraphy page. So you look forward to that. ;)
@  Chancey_19 (Today, 01:00 PM) Not because this is the wrong place to talk about it, I just wanna hear everyones story :D
@  Chancey_19 (Today, 12:57 PM) Ok, starting a new thread!
@  TacticalSandals (Today, 12:57 PM) i played on gsn's bad company 2 servers way back when, but never really had a reason to find the forums, then i found you guys on bayshitty and the rest is history :P
@  Cola (Today, 12:54 PM) True that <3
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:54 PM) And the community has changed directions and dipped into new games because of these same members.
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:53 PM) Things that would have not happened if it weren't for the community.
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:53 PM) I do love that most people find GSN through 1 game. But become part of the community and branch out, try new things, meet new people.
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 12:51 PM) Episode*
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 12:50 PM) The Messengers looks awesome! Loved first episoden!
@  Cola (Today, 12:50 PM) In cod. ;)
@  Cola (Today, 12:50 PM) Lol ok.. Im not surprised you just remember me in BF3, I was a nobody then, prob still are. But, that's how it is. I got scouted by two GSN members ^^
@  Bourbon (Today, 12:48 PM) I came here for altis
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:48 PM) I was like who is this asshole killing me all the time.
@  AVIDTIGERIAN (Today, 12:47 PM) lol
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:43 PM) I remember you most from BF3 cola.
@  Cola (Today, 12:35 PM) During that COD period, lat's just say that I got "scouted" by Maleox and TrueEagle. That's how I ended up here.
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:29 PM) Yeah what.
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:23 PM) wait what LOL
@  Cola (Today, 12:23 PM) I joined at that time too.
@  HacksawJack (Today, 12:23 PM) THE GOGGLES DONT DO ANYTHING! http://i.imgur.com/HJlHnzn.png
@  Cola (Today, 12:23 PM) Oh yeah that's right =)
@  HacksawJack (Today, 12:22 PM) THE PINK, IT BURNS MY EYES!!!!
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:22 PM) Omg we diiiiddd. Hahaha.
@  GforGreg (Today, 12:22 PM) I vote for Don to be a pretty princess too lol
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:21 PM) im here only thanks to heavy metal :D
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:20 PM) but im no princess though LOL
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:20 PM) Isn't it weird to think we started out as a COD: Black ops clan?
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:20 PM) i beat u by a month butters :D
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:19 PM) More funner fact: I've been around almost as long as BBR. Finally got Princess Status.
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:17 PM) but who of the people here have posted the most LOL
@  Stickytubesock (Today, 12:16 PM) 78% are from BBR
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 12:16 PM) Fun fact: There have been 187,732 messages sent in the shoutbox.
@  Bourbon (Today, 12:11 PM) buusted
@  Cola (Today, 12:11 PM) And a rly yummy one ;)
@  Cola (Today, 12:11 PM) Yeah I do. ^^
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:10 PM) oh my
@  Bourbon (Today, 12:10 PM) he says Ice cream, but he got a popsicle
@  Cola (Today, 12:08 PM) Sorry im back. Had to get me some ice cream ^^
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:08 PM) Lol, oh geez.
@  Chancey_19 (Today, 12:08 PM) http://weknowmemes.c...me-original.jpg
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:08 PM) Let you... drink me.. ?
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 12:06 PM) come here, let me drink you
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 12:06 PM) i want some now
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 12:06 PM) Butters, your colour reminded me of cream soda
@  Bill (Today, 12:06 PM) *User was banned from the server*
@  Bourbon (Today, 12:04 PM) @BBR it's cool, we're just fancy like that ^-^
@  Bourbon (Today, 12:03 PM) man did things get wierd lol
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:03 PM) Lol. Say what Cola.
@  Cola (Today, 12:02 PM) Ait i'll be getting ,e some ice cream brb
@  Modoc (Today, 12:02 PM) you stored that pic, don't lie
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:02 PM) Lol. Thats pretty great.
@  Cola (Today, 12:02 PM) LOL
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 12:02 PM) LOL the pink is real
@  DonDiablo (Today, 12:01 PM) hahahah
@  Nackers (Today, 12:01 PM) Funny story - last person I banned PM'd me a picture of a giant dude with the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was awesome.

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