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@  MrCheezle (8 minutes ago) St. Louis reload is about the time it takes the shots to hit your target, like you can just keep shooting non-stop if you set it up right
@  MrCheezle (9 minutes ago) maybe more, I can't remember exactly
@  MrCheezle (9 minutes ago) like 20 seconds
@  Cola (13 minutes ago) On SC
@  Cola (13 minutes ago) What's the reload time?
@  MrCheezle (16 minutes ago) The St. Louis is fun with it's 14 guns
@  MrCheezle (16 minutes ago) It's guns are huge but reload takes forever
@  Cola (16 minutes ago) What are your thought of the ship so far?
@  Cola (17 minutes ago) That's our Cheez! :) Awesomenes!
@  MrCheezle (17 minutes ago) Cola, I just got the South Carolina last night
@  Cola (20 minutes ago) Battleship*
@  Cola (21 minutes ago) Battle ship... Soon... Soon... Not long now..!!!
@  Cola (Today, 06:08 AM) G'night Koda!
@  Koda (Today, 06:07 AM) :)
@  ShoutBot (Today, 06:07 AM)

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@  Koda (Today, 06:07 AM) Goodnight GSN :0
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:03 AM) good morning GSN, played a round of battlefront now off to work
@  Cola (Today, 04:23 AM) Anyway, World Of Warships anyone? =)
@  Cola (Today, 04:19 AM) Sounds like the ideal working shift =)
@  Cola (Today, 04:19 AM) And your blood pressure also xD
@  Cola (Today, 04:18 AM) Your brain will get messed up xD
@  Cola (Today, 04:18 AM) Hehe well I don't recommend anyone to do it lol.
@  SaltySam (Today, 04:07 AM) I have no clue how you or anyone else can do that lol Eventually the caffeine just does nothing to me and I just end up with a headache lol and yeah work was work. Nights are easy, no big wigs looking over your shoulder lol
@  Cola (Today, 04:01 AM) Ah ok nice. Had a good day at work then?
@  Cola (Today, 03:59 AM) Haha lol it takes more then that to give me a heart attack xD Once i downed 24 of those in a 6h timeframe, I admit that i was rly hyper then :P And my head was feeling funny. But I had to do it, was awake and grinding away in a game and could not stop untill I was finnished with what I had to do, took me 24h, no sleep, no food. Just grinding away. :P
@  SaltySam (Today, 03:56 AM) 5 monsters?! trying to have a heart attack? lol I am doing well. About an hour away from heading home from working night shift
@  Cola (Today, 03:55 AM) So how are you this sunny, warm and beautiful morning?
@  Cola (Today, 03:55 AM) Haha more or less. i've only downed 5 monster so far. ^^
@  SaltySam (Today, 03:53 AM) heya cola, all hopped up on mountain dew today are we? lol
@  Cola (Today, 03:52 AM) SALTY!!!!!!
@  SaltySam (Today, 03:51 AM) ello ello
@  Cola (Today, 03:38 AM) Well, that's good. ^^ Then you don't need to call, all the help you need is already at home :D
@  Spectre (Today, 03:34 AM) The United States Armed Forces are back.
@  Cola (Today, 03:33 AM) What call?
@  Spectre (Today, 03:32 AM) Call to arms my brothers.
@  Cola (Today, 03:30 AM) Cheezdoodles, Bacon snacks, energy drinks. LET'S DOOOOO EEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT
@  Cola (Today, 03:28 AM) Good morning GSN! TIME TO GET FAT!!!!!!!!!
@  Bill (Today, 03:12 AM) I was LEAVE BRITTANY I made it to #7
@  Stickytubesock (Today, 03:10 AM) ill have a video up tomorrow of just random shit from today
@  CaptainSam101 (Today, 02:56 AM) i was Javier Esquela
@  CaptainSam101 (Today, 02:56 AM) i just got eaten
@  Bill (Today, 02:51 AM) Were you in that? I was doing well that was eated
@  deathview_games (Today, 02:13 AM) thats a crazy web bass game lmao
@  deathview_games (Today, 02:13 AM) http://agar.io/
@  ShoutBot (Today, 02:13 AM)

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@  KennyN (Today, 02:01 AM) i em here big boys
@  Bill (Today, 01:37 AM) Welcome back
@  Nimbus (Today, 01:34 AM) HOME AT LAST
@  MrJohnRavioli (Today, 01:10 AM) see ya
@  Dustles (Today, 01:09 AM) Goodnight GSN see yah in the Am
@  Danobot (Today, 12:56 AM) Goodnight GSN another great day on altis life :-)
@  deathview_games (Today, 12:33 AM) darn fire work show next to our store and evey one in town came and went to or store at leas labor was at -398 gm going be happy about that at leas
@  TacticalSandals (Today, 12:33 AM) gnight butters!!!!
@  Butterkuhp (Today, 12:33 AM) GOODNIGHT DICKBUTTS.
@  deathview_games (Today, 12:32 AM) man what a nightmare at work lol
@  Mdude™ (Today, 12:20 AM) Same here guys. I've started going to bed so late lol
@  Jason1988 (Today, 12:06 AM) ever since i started playing on gsn, ive been sleeping at like 430am every night. ive been workin on getting off early lately, though
@  TehQuasar (Today, 12:05 AM) Gsn has f'ed up my sleep schedule with all the people playing Ark and now i started playing some 7DTD wil people, why has thou forsaken me
@  MrJohnRavioli (Today, 12:04 AM) siq!
@  Angaar (Yesterday, 11:57 PM) only the normal Taru can lift things
@  MrJohnRavioli (Yesterday, 11:52 PM) can I pick up vehicles with the taru helicopter?
@  Bill (Yesterday, 11:50 PM) Fawaffles
@  Dustles (Yesterday, 10:22 PM) Don't we all
@  D3structiveDude (Yesterday, 10:11 PM) I LIKE MONEY!!!
@  Dustles (Yesterday, 10:10 PM) First of many hefty paychecks*
@  Dustles (Yesterday, 10:09 PM) One more twelve hour shift tomorrow then heading home with a hefty paycheck! :)
@  Koda (Yesterday, 09:57 PM) lol
@  TacticalSandals (Yesterday, 09:35 PM) or maybe its me who has the outdated flash <_<
@  TacticalSandals (Yesterday, 09:31 PM) apparently the website is using a outdated version of flash, maybe thats why koda
@  Butterkuhp (Yesterday, 09:21 PM) :ph34r:
@  Dilpickle1 (Yesterday, 09:19 PM) I got my arcade block today
@  eye80ne (Yesterday, 09:18 PM) Hey guys. im heading out for the night everyone have fun and anyone looking for a gang for atlis just check out CROSS
@  CaptainSam101 (Yesterday, 08:57 PM) what. the. fuck.
@  Modoc (Yesterday, 08:52 PM) and now, WE GAME!!
@  ShoutBot (Yesterday, 08:52 PM)

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@  Modoc (Yesterday, 08:51 PM) :teehee:
@  Modoc (Yesterday, 08:50 PM) hide what your doing, facebook is on the sight. HAIL HYDRA!
@  Mdude™ (Yesterday, 08:46 PM) WHO ELSE IS WATCHING MR ROBOT TONIGHT?!
@  Paralapse (Yesterday, 06:50 PM) BadBadRobot, flipping off your audience already?
@  Friendly Jon (Yesterday, 06:41 PM) Sequels usually suck, and judging on how Jurassic World didn't set the bar very high to begin with...
@  BadBadRobot (Yesterday, 06:41 PM) Well, guess i'm starting Fallout 3 tonight: http://www.twitch.tv/thebadbadrobot
@  TehQuasar (Yesterday, 06:25 PM) Ark = Jurassic World 2: Jurassic Life
@  TehQuasar (Yesterday, 06:22 PM) good evening gsn
@  Bourbon (Yesterday, 06:16 PM) also downloading World of Warships
@  Bourbon (Yesterday, 06:09 PM) awesome!
@  Koda (Yesterday, 06:07 PM) Yeah I may be playing Wasteland tonight
@  03Termi (Yesterday, 06:07 PM) Wasteland tonight! I'll be on but late
@  Bourbon (Yesterday, 06:06 PM) so Koda you guys doing Wasteland again tonight? I'll be here this time I promise LOL
@  Bourbon (Yesterday, 05:47 PM) OMG just hooked up a 4k TV to my comp and my head is exploding (O_O)
@  Jake (Yesterday, 05:23 PM) Oh Herro?
@  Bill (Yesterday, 05:14 PM) Herro
@  Paronity (Yesterday, 05:10 PM) Hay low every wun
@  eye80ne (Yesterday, 05:07 PM) mornin
@  Koda (Yesterday, 05:07 PM) Gooooodmorning GSN
@  Cola (Yesterday, 04:50 PM) Well, yet again it's that time of the day. GOOD NIGHT Y'ALL!
@  Andrew Baker (Yesterday, 04:19 PM) deathview, you're a manager? :o
@  deathview_games (Yesterday, 04:00 PM) thing about being a manger gettng called in on your day off got to go to work at 5 sigh
@  Ronduth (Yesterday, 03:46 PM) More like altis life bbr
@  Al Hoff (Yesterday, 03:34 PM) heard youre pretty good at the skin flute, y not that?

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