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NFO Chicago is having site wide issues at the moment. It is causing servers to go up and down randomly. To alleviate any losses and comp requests that might come from it, Altis will remain offline until it is fixed. All other servers will remain up, but use at your own risk. Thanks!


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Someone was banned from one of our servers! The action that this so-called "soldier" did stands directly in the face of what we believe in. I will not stand around and let people like this pollute the great name of GSN. They have been removed from active duty on our soil and their titles have been removed. Carry on!

Soldier Name: hjhhhj
Banned By: BadBadRobot
Reason: greifing
Banned On: [GSN] 24/7 CQ Heavy Metal 1,500 Tickets NFO-CHI
PB_GUID: 3acf7bad207c56fb1c3a59536ac8fa5d
BattleManager Page: hjhhhj