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Member Roster, Ranks & Rolls

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Founding Members (Staff) These are the "founding members" of the clan. 'nuff said.

Head Admins (Staff) Essentially a core member in rank but these ones help the Founding Members to manage the servers, website, forums, and recruitment. Head admins also manage all of the advanced and regular members. These members are around on the servers/online a lot and can be reached, when something needs to be handled. These members also have the ability to make decisions on behalf of the Founding Members, when one cannot be reached.

Core Members (Staff) Core members are mature and trusted members of the clan. They have shown dedication and have worked for the betterment of the clan and though not having explicit authority over other members they do deserve respect. They work closely with the Founding Members and HeadAdmins and discuss important topics and issues within the clan. All Core Members have full admin status. Core Members also help decide which players are recruited into GSN.

Advanced Members These are members that have shown they have gained the trust and experience required to have full admin access to the servers. These members have also shown that they are dedicated to the clan and will help out when necessary. Advanced Members all have admin access to the server type(s) that they frequent the most.


Basic Members These are the majority of our members. They have shown dedication to us and have earned respect in the community. These members have also shown that they are dedicated to the community and will help out when necessary in any way that they can. They do not carry admin on the servers.


Retired Staff As the title says: Fomerly staff members of this community. In fact in the same rank as a Basic Member, just honored for their long and hard work with the title, they deserve.

Recruits Not yet in the clan but considering membership. This is your ticket into the clan. During recruitment phase you will be under observation. Some people handle wearing the tag in a mature fashion and thus become members fairly quickly. Others.. not so much. If you're in recruit status for more than a month...maybe there's a problem.

Founding Members
[GSN] BadBadRobot

[GSN] paladinZero
[GSN] Stormborn


Head Admins

[GSN] emttim

[GSN] LightEightSix

[GSN] Nackers

[GSN] Nimbus

[GSN] Paronity

[GSN] SaltySam


Core Members
[GSN] 03Termi

[GSN] CapN

[GSN] Coyote

[GSN] Cullen

[GSN] DonDiablo

[GSN] M249-M4A1

[GSN] Rando

[GSN] SpecialEd

[GSN] Thunder


Advanced Members

[GSN] Aryanix

[GSN] CaptainSam101

[GSN] Chancey_19

[GSN] Darkcobra

[GSN] Gurthyy
[GSN] HacksawJack


[GSN] JaCoby

[GSN] Kherune

[GSN] Mdudeâ„¢

[GSN] Modoc


[GSN] witbox


Basic Members

[GSN] 300harbingers

[GSN] Airacobra

[GSN] attckgiraffe


[GSN] Blade

[GSN] Blargosaur

[GSN] Butterknife

[GSN] ChariotsOfThyer

[GSN] Cola

[GSN] DarkerBlitz

[GSN] Devils_knight

[GSN] D3structiveDude

[GSN] Dilpickle1

[GSN] Esinen

[GSN] GforGreg

[GSN] heyhowsitgoing

[GSN] Idahogold

[GSN] IngeMeissel

[GSN] JollyGG
[GSN] Judge_Payne
[GSN] k9rover

[GSN] Killshot

[GSN] Koda

[GSN] Mr.Cheezle

[GSN] Monster

[GSN] Mopp

[GSN] MrFortyTwo

[GSN] MrOutlaw

[GSN] Nandy

[GSN] Nimbly

[GSN] orangeandblue

[GSN] RavenKinomoto

[GSN] Robville

[GSN] Sadistikitty

[GSN] SpeedDemon

[GSN] squishy

[GSN] StormsWar

[GSN] TaPramen

[GSN] threebeers

[GSN] TryzHD

[GSN] VidiVidiVidi

[GSN] WampRat

[GSN] Wilsky

[GSN] Xander



Jay Deadeye


Retired Staff

[GSN] 1manklan (RIP)

[GSN] 11B30

[GSN] B1ack_Bu11et

[GSN] Bruffstar

[GSN] Col Troutman

[GSN] FourTwoFour

[GSN] Headword

[GSN] Iceman

[GSN] MaleoX

[GSN] PigBenis

[GSN] Poppy

[GSN] Saleencb

[GSN] TheKing75

[GSN] TrueEagle

[GSN] Pager

[GSN] SilentOperator6

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