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@  Devils_knight (2 minutes ago) awesome man
@  DonDiablo (5 minutes ago) perfect :D
@  Devils_knight (6 minutes ago) hows are you fine people tonight
@  DonDiablo (6 minutes ago) hey Devils
@  Baconator (7 minutes ago) Hi
@  Devils_knight (8 minutes ago) good evening GSN
@  CoMmOdUs (15 minutes ago) xD
@  DonDiablo (27 minutes ago) https://soundcloud.c...esire/sacrifice
@  TehQuasar (29 minutes ago) Commy shoutbox has never lied ever
@  CoMmOdUs (29 minutes ago) Shoutbot lies!!!
@  TehQuasar (32 minutes ago) Eon55, i would be up for 7DTD soon i havent had a chance to play it that much since i got it since Ark has grabbed my soul
@  ShoutBot (32 minutes ago)

DICE and EA have just announce Battlefield 5. Watch the release trailer!

@  SpaceCoder (51 minutes ago) i knew it was off the coast of greece but i didnt know they were based off of real islands
@  Eon55 (52 minutes ago) Hey i'm looking for some people to play 7 days to die with anybody up for it?
@  SpaceCoder (52 minutes ago) yeah idk how i didnt know that
@  TacticalSandals (52 minutes ago) it was probably easier for them to make honestly, they could just get the height map data and only have to worry about texturing
@  TacticalSandals (53 minutes ago) they are greek islands :P
@  TacticalSandals (53 minutes ago) haha u just realised this? :P
@  SpaceCoder (59 minutes ago) i just realized that stratis and altis are based off of real islands
@  AVIDTIGERIAN (Today, 03:20 PM) i miss you guys D:
@  Jake (Today, 03:11 PM) That pic change tho
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 03:11 PM) Goodnight Cola.
@  Cola (Today, 03:10 PM) Well folks, yet again it's that time of the day. I wish you all a good night and see you tomorrow Y'ALL!
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 02:50 PM) :(
@  Ronduth (Today, 02:21 PM) im sorry to heart hat
@  Ronduth (Today, 02:21 PM) man thats a rough story to read
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:55 PM) Here's the article, almost a year to the day: http://www.huffingto..._n_5529795.html
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:55 PM) Even crazier, her and the driver took a selfie in the car like a minute before the accident.
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:54 PM) It was unfortunate, she was on her way to her Bachelorette party too. Had a 5 year old son too, definitely one of those people that didn't deserve to die so young.
@  Jason1988 (Today, 01:53 PM) that sucks. sorry for your loss.
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:50 PM) The driver chose to swerve to the left, which is very wrong, and the truck that was coming at them swerved to the right, like you're supposed to do. Their car's ass end swung around at this point creating a perfect 90 degree angle for the truck to hit the passenger side door directly. So she essentially got t-boned at a combined speed of 110 mph
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:48 PM) My friend was in a car traveling about 55 mph, they were behind a diesel truck and she has asthma so it was bothering her. Her friend that was driving decided to try to pass this truck over a solid line that existed due to a hill. When she started to pass the truck, another truck traveling 55 mph the opposite direction came over the hill.
@  Jason1988 (Today, 01:38 PM) the airbags are what saved the girl that was in the other car. i think she just had some scratches and thats it.
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:35 PM) Had a friend die last year after being on the impact side of a T-bone accident
@  300harbingers (Today, 01:27 PM) T-Bones are never fun unless your eating one.
@  Jason1988 (Today, 01:26 PM) im good, wasnt me. some guy slammed into the drivers door of the other car. both cars were messed up
@  Cola (Today, 01:25 PM) You OK Jason?
@  300harbingers (Today, 01:24 PM) how bad?
@  Jason1988 (Today, 01:24 PM) just witnessed a car accident. :(
@  MrCheezle (Today, 01:02 PM) Wassup Tactical! I didn't get a chance to talk to you after that encounter last night at Uranium Trader
@  TacticalSandals (Today, 12:56 PM) good afternoon everyone
@  ShoutBot (Today, 12:56 PM)

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@  MrCheezle (Today, 12:19 PM) More like Guinness or a glass of neat Irish whiskey in each hand
@  Cola (Today, 12:18 PM) I would have gone with carlsberg "light" lol xD
@  JackDee (Today, 12:16 PM) What is a man's idea of a balanced diet? ....A Carlsberg in each hand :-)
@  MrCheezle (Today, 12:04 PM) Thanks BBR
@  Jake (Today, 12:00 PM) Sam no just no
@  Sam. (Today, 11:59 AM) LETS GET KOTH FULL!
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 11:58 AM) Good luck CHEEZE
@  MrCheezle (Today, 11:52 AM) Sup Gurthyy
@  Cola (Today, 11:50 AM) Morning Gur
@  Gurthyy (Today, 11:50 AM) Good morning all.
@  Eon55 (Today, 11:30 AM) ugh just woke up with a pounding headache
@  MrCheezle (Today, 11:24 AM) I've got my Amazon phone interview at the exact time that I would normally get to game a little before my fiance gets home.
@  MrCheezle (Today, 11:24 AM) Probably can't play at all today though
@  Cesil The Diddler (Today, 11:19 AM) awesome !
@  MrCheezle (Today, 11:15 AM) I'm gonna go download it now
@  MrCheezle (Today, 11:15 AM) WOOOOO
@  Cesil The Diddler (Today, 11:07 AM) for those interested World of Warships is currently open to the public while they do a final load test on the NA server
@  Al Hoff (Today, 11:04 AM) mount pleasant michigan, and they gonna be playin with papa roach so its a double win
@  Danobot (Today, 10:55 AM) https://gsngaming.co...he-altis-comet/
@  MrCheezle (Today, 10:52 AM) Which is where!? I'm planning on seeing FFDP in September as well but in Independence, Mo
@  Dustles (Today, 10:47 AM) Yes did just gradute. No i didnt get drafted to the NBA (not yet anyways)lol I'll post about my adventure when i get home
@  Al Hoff (Today, 10:28 AM) here in my town :P
@  MrCheezle (Today, 10:23 AM) Where Al Hoff?
@  Al Hoff (Today, 10:23 AM) also no wonder the top search term is gay
@  Al Hoff (Today, 10:23 AM) cant wait to see ffdp in septemberrrrr
@  SaltySam (Today, 10:19 AM) didn't you just graduate Dustles?! That's awesome man lol
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 10:15 AM) Congrats on the new job Dustles! You got drafted into the NBA didn't you
@  SaltySam (Today, 10:08 AM) that and the more than likely chance that you were screaming lyrics for a few hours following the rain lol
@  MrCheezle (Today, 10:03 AM) new FFDP single is pretty good: https://www.youtube....h?v=mk0PdLZqZqU
@  ShoutBot (Today, 10:03 AM)

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@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 09:59 AM) I mean, the concert venue I was at saturday made us wait outside in the rain for almost 2 hours... im assuming that has something to do with it.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 09:58 AM) But penis tastes so good!
@  Thunder (Today, 09:46 AM) seriously: get well soon
@  Thunder (Today, 09:46 AM) stop deepthroating
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 09:45 AM) my throat hurts :(
@  Al Hoff (Today, 09:36 AM) guess my liquid nitrogen is heating up quite a bit with this over clock
@  Simon101 (Today, 09:29 AM) not bad not bad Al Hoff... -92, have you tried replacing your air conditioner radiatior with the mobo?
@  Al Hoff (Today, 09:10 AM) lol this poopy asus software is reporting a -92 motherboard temp.. love software so much..
@  Ronny (Today, 09:05 AM) I'm a prostitute.
@  Ronny (Today, 09:05 AM) That's a noble profession, Dustles.
@  Friendly Jon (Today, 08:52 AM) Did you get the fish tank? and the mineral oil?
@  Dustles (Today, 08:52 AM) Contractor and right on D3!
@  D3structiveDude (Today, 08:50 AM) Just bought the computer parts guys! WOOT WOOT
@  HacksawJack (Today, 08:50 AM) Dustles, what do you do?
@  Dustles (Today, 08:49 AM) $30/hr and currently sitting at 40 hours so you can do the math! :D
@  Cola (Today, 08:47 AM) And good luck!
@  Cola (Today, 08:47 AM) Tata Dustie
@  Nimbly (Today, 08:47 AM) see ya baby D
@  Dustles (Today, 08:46 AM) Good morning GSN! Going back to work at my new job in a couple minutes. Which requires me to travel so i will not be back home for a couple of days. I'll make a post later for more details! So, bye for now!
@  Al Hoff (Today, 08:39 AM) sex metal barbie
@  Cola (Today, 08:24 AM) And LOL @ shoutbot xD I'm not falling for that.
@  Cola (Today, 08:23 AM) G'night BILL!
@  Bill (Today, 08:23 AM) Good night GSN!
@  Cola (Today, 08:12 AM) Good afternoon GSN!
@  MrCheezle (Today, 07:27 AM) Good Morning GSN!
@  JackDee (Today, 06:44 AM) someone needs shooting now!
@  JackDee (Today, 06:44 AM) shoutbox you're a prick :P
@  Ronduth (Today, 06:37 AM) Morning shoutbox

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