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@  M249-M4A1 (23 minutes ago) i suddenly have an immense pain in my head and my nose burns like chlorine... going to lay down
@  emttim (45 minutes ago) EVENT server is up! Check event channel description for server name and password.
@  Modoc (50 minutes ago) i like dino nuggets. *picks up M2's dino nuggets* :)
@  M249-M4A1 (52 minutes ago) i have to put my plate of dino nuggets down :(
@  M249-M4A1 (52 minutes ago) welp. miscommunication. let me see if i can get this set up real quick
@  Mdude™ (53 minutes ago) shes the one who organized the event i thought
@  M249-M4A1 (55 minutes ago) LOL WAT
@  Mdude™ (55 minutes ago) PAGING KODA o.o
@  Mdude™ (56 minutes ago) as of right now we don't even have a server.
@  Mdude™ (56 minutes ago) i don't even think theres a max player count
@  GSN Gaming (56 minutes ago)

Reminder: This shoutbox is for socializing. Not for disputing a ban, requesting server restarts or flaming/ranting/raging. 

@  M249-M4A1 (57 minutes ago) whats the max player count for the event?
@  Modoc (58 minutes ago) stuck at work :(
@  Mdude™ (59 minutes ago) WHERE ARE DAH PEOPLE FOR DAH EVENT
@  emttim (Today, 02:50 PM) TS channel for the event is up!
@  Cola (Today, 02:37 PM) Event soon? :D
@  Cola (Today, 02:37 PM) Herro ppls =)
@  Mdude™ (Today, 02:15 PM) PLEASE
@  Mdude™ (Today, 02:14 PM) BUT
@  Mdude™ (Today, 02:14 PM) BUT
@  Nimbus (Today, 02:10 PM) :)
@  Nimbus (Today, 02:10 PM) you aint got dibs on nuttin
@  Mdude™ (Today, 02:06 PM) its in 55 minutes
@  Bourbon (Today, 02:03 PM) if there's a tank slot.... i want it hahaha
@  Bourbon (Today, 02:03 PM) sweet jesus
@  Bourbon (Today, 02:03 PM) WAIT, invade and annex? o_O
@  MrFortyTwo (Today, 12:57 PM) Ive been using Tnotifier for a while Miatch it can be a little weird at first but once you get it, its easy to use
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:57 PM) roger, hey nimbly...why did you request a refund man? I would have sent it back to you dude]
@  Paronity (Today, 12:55 PM) I can't get on TS ATM. If you don't get it - I can help ya out later.
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:55 PM) thanks
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:55 PM) nevermind, i will figure it out
@  Al Hoff (Today, 12:51 PM) i can hardly wake up anymore
@  M249-M4A1 (Today, 12:50 PM) About to blow a gasket at work. Such a frustrating day since waking up
@  MrFortyTwo (Today, 12:50 PM) Miatch did anyone hop in to help you? I can come help if you still need it
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:47 PM) I already have it working for the stream, but i need to know about a few things before i start streaming
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:47 PM) got a few simple questions about it and some settings
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:47 PM) can someone hop in ts that knows about tnotifier real quick
@  GSN Gaming (Today, 12:47 PM)

Reminder: This shoutbox is for socializing. Not for disputing a ban, requesting server restarts or flaming/ranting/raging. 

@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:44 PM) what do i need to chroma key out?
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:44 PM) say what now? Make what green by default
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:44 PM) yea i got it now, but I don't like the limited settings
@  Paronity (Today, 12:40 PM) make it grean by default so that you can chroma-key it out, then when it changes colors - you will see it on the stream
@  Paronity (Today, 12:39 PM) you need to have the tnotifier window up in a browser and do a region select.
@  Gagawala_Wambuzi (Today, 12:38 PM) DaMeme
@  DaFack (Today, 12:27 PM) No Baby
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:21 PM) or someone tell me how to make the text show up in obs from tnotifier
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:21 PM) Can either nackers or bbr jump in ts and give me a hand with this Tnotifier stuff
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:21 PM) thanks jolly
@  JollyGG (Today, 12:20 PM) Idk, is it?
@  Baby Bopp (Today, 12:17 PM) Is altis life down?
@  JollyGG (Today, 12:13 PM) Nice channel name lol
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:09 PM) Not sure exactly what time I will be live, I am trying to figure out a game to begin with.
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:08 PM) http://www.twitch.tv/monkeyinatrap
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:08 PM) I will be streaming shortly folks: Hoping to make it a very long stream and multiple games, as long as no one else is scheduled to stream anything I am hoping to get some of you as viewers
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:05 PM) they fit perfectly over the ear and do not cause any discomfort after long periods of gaming, etc. They are not too heavy or too light and they have the coolest modification out there. They're called tags and I have the original set, and I also have three extras that my brother got me: One is of the Arma III Logo, One is the USAF Logo, and the third is a picture of my son and I after a marker fight rofl...we're both covered head to toe in marker ink
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:03 PM) I am talking pure 7.1 surround and very very comfortable ear "muffs"
@  MiAtCh (Today, 12:03 PM) Mdude™ you should get the Astro A40's with the MixAmp Pro dude....these things are above and beyond when it comes to sound quality bro.
@  Judge_Payne (Today, 11:46 AM) Termi, thanks again for the headset!
@  Judge_Payne (Today, 11:45 AM) afternoon all
@  NINcorp (Today, 11:39 AM) Morning everyone!
@  Mdude™ (Today, 11:34 AM) Or a new logitech setup... I'm tired of Razer. ._.
@  Mdude™ (Today, 11:31 AM) Someone wanna buy me a pair of Sennheisers? :)
@  Dustles (Today, 11:05 AM) Good morning vietn.... wait a minute.... I mean GSN!
@  03Termi (Today, 10:48 AM) Good morning!
@  DonDiablo (Today, 10:44 AM) LOL
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 10:43 AM) I was eating jalepeno chips last night. This morning I began to shit fire.
@  TacticalSandals (Today, 10:42 AM) heyoo butters
@  GSN Gaming (Today, 10:42 AM)

New AMA is live. Ask @Fusion3gz anything you want by clicking here!

@  Butterkuhp (Today, 10:32 AM) Hellooo GSN.
@  TacticalSandals (Today, 10:22 AM) ughhhhhhhh so hungover today. dont even think a baked potato would help me
@  Wags (Today, 10:09 AM) Coming soon to a theatre near you: Shoutbox Diares
@  SpankNewton (Today, 09:55 AM) morning
@  Bariston Selmy (Today, 09:51 AM) all food should have a healthy serving of cock
@  JayBond (Today, 09:37 AM) so .... im not crazy. cocks are in everyones panccake!
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 09:32 AM) Morning!
@  sneakyeskimos (Today, 09:29 AM) morning all
@  Nackers (Today, 09:28 AM) lolololol
@  Danobot (Today, 09:24 AM) PANCOCKS............PANCAKES IN DISGUISE ~_^
@  Nackers (Today, 09:20 AM) PANCOCKS
@  Danobot (Today, 09:18 AM) maybe he wants both ;)
@  Devils_knight (Today, 09:18 AM) good morning folks
@  11b30 (Today, 09:17 AM) no you didnt...
@  Nackers (Today, 09:16 AM) whoops. I meant. Pancakes.
@  Nackers (Today, 09:16 AM) COCK
@  11b30 (Today, 09:15 AM) so tell me what you want what you really really want
@  TryzHD (Today, 09:02 AM) lol Glorious Don
@  Danobot (Today, 09:02 AM) \/ \/ \/ hahahahaha Gilbert Gottfried for the win
@  DonDiablo (Today, 08:30 AM) https://gsngaming.co...-shrek-is-life/
@  Cola (Today, 06:40 AM) https://www.youtube....h?v=VqdIL7zUCNU We sweedes are nice police officers. ^^
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:27 AM) I hope that guys family gets the justice they deserve.
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:27 AM) but this influx of police violence/brutality/beatings/murders is very disheartening to me. It really makes me question their training and if some of the victims aren't targeted by a cop who had beef with them from the past or something
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:26 AM) I can't wait for them to pick the dumbest most ignorant people to ask questions on the air and listen to what they say/talk about. 100 bucks says it has nothing to do with the real reason the protest began.
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:25 AM) the stupid shit people do when protests go wrong (most of the time in unprivileged areas) it always ends up with people who don't even know what they're protesting throwing rocks, breaking into stores to loot, flipping or burning police cars, that they pay for with taxes rofl, and it does nothing but cause a scene and give them 5 minutes of fame on CNN.
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:23 AM) one too many "just plains" in that sentence...didn't mean to do that
@  MiAtCh (Today, 06:22 AM) dude, fucking ignorant people will be ignorant people....its all for show and attention. They obviously didn't get any attention from their parents growing up so now the jump on police cars and break shit to get all eyes on them. I agree, however, that these brutal and unnecessary violent police shootings/arrests/beatings are becoming something of a problem, but for people to show their disapproval of it all in a way that creates more violence and damage is just plain asinine, immature, ignorant and just plain barbaric. Use your words and your brains to change society, not your ridiculous primal instincts that we all have when angered.
@  Preacher (Today, 06:14 AM) Damn looking at this shit in fucking baltimore... people obviously haven't learned from fucking history the best way to protest to get effective results.

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