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@  TheKillZone606 (Today, 10:42 PM) Had the best RP as a cop today with 1 guy, i thinki recorded it. Might pots it if i did
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 10:41 PM) I want so many games but I must wait till the sale so I can get as many as possible with the little momey I have lol
@  Goove (Today, 10:40 PM) Dude Far Cry is OMAZING!
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 10:39 PM) thanks for reminding me
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 10:36 PM) lol ik modoc
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 10:36 PM) I still need to play the far crys plan on buying the franchise pack if it goes on sale soon
@  Modoc (Today, 10:35 PM) Steam fall sale is starts the 26th, waiting..... waiting...... must not spend money yet......
@  Modoc (Today, 10:35 PM) Co-OP
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 10:34 PM) I got Arma 3, and play a lot of epoch :P and KoTH. Wasteland is a weird thing. and i may get FC4
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 10:34 PM) does FC4 have mutiplayer
@  Modoc (Today, 10:33 PM) yes or Far Cry 4
@  Modoc (Today, 10:33 PM) ARMA 3 Epoch or wasteland is good
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 10:33 PM) wait, isnt Far Cry 4 out?
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 10:32 PM) just cause 2
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 10:23 PM) already got all that .-. over 2k hours i've put into Arma 2 at least. 3 years of playing
@  Hammer (Today, 10:21 PM) Dayz Epoch, Arma 2 mod.
@  TheDeadeyeEffect (Today, 10:14 PM) anyone have a good suggestion for a nice openworld game with multiplayer besides gta, AC, MC, Watchdogs?
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 09:21 PM) I didn't mind the second one, this one was just ugh
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 09:19 PM) first hunger game was good. the other ones sucks ass
@  LoneWolf (Today, 09:15 PM) I am glad this was small, it felt more violent than the 6.9 a couple of months ago. http://www.pressdemo...olts-santa-rosa
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 09:13 PM) New hunger games was meh, to much emtional screaming and crying for me. Not enough action. Pt 2 though I am sure will be a huge favorite
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 07:54 PM) yeah lol
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 07:49 PM) LOL Commy!!!
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 07:47 PM) lol termi :D
@  Nandy (Today, 07:46 PM) @Commy im scared.
@  Darkcobra337 (Today, 07:14 PM) LOL Commod
@  Darkcobra337 (Today, 07:12 PM) WTF termi lol
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 07:11 PM) https://www.youtube....h?v=3D3Z8eqFIf0
@  Nandy (Today, 07:09 PM) wut
@  Cullen (Today, 07:07 PM) wtf termi
@  JollyGG (Today, 07:00 PM) BF4 BE UP, YO
@  03Termi (Today, 06:48 PM) https://www.youtube....ation_323100489
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:35 PM) Gonna hit the test range
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:33 PM) Wow..now servers are offline again >.< I'll be in the TS channel waiting, but Origin name is JollyGG
@  Nackers (Today, 06:32 PM) Will be in there soon JOlly.
@  DaFack (Today, 06:32 PM) Whats your name on origin?
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:31 PM) You're welcome to join me, heading into a All Maps Conquest
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:29 PM) There we go, logged in finally
@  DaFack (Today, 06:29 PM) NACKERS LETS PLAY SOME BF4
@  Nackers (Today, 06:28 PM) PEW PEW
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:26 PM) I find the Attacks from Mil/Gov ones amusing, lol
@  LoneWolf (Today, 06:25 PM) im curious why San Diego is hitting Seattle so hard...
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:25 PM) Been playing Clash of Clans on this PC app program thingy while I wait, lol
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:25 PM) I know Nackers, I've been waiting some time now forr the servers to come back
@  Nackers (Today, 06:24 PM) NOOOOOO I WANT TO PLAY BF4
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:24 PM) China has been launching some MASSIVE attacks
@  LoneWolf (Today, 06:22 PM) yeaht, that is crazy
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:18 PM) Watch live attacks for DDOSing o.O
@  JollyGG (Today, 06:18 PM) Found something interesting while perusing BF4 forums while they are getting DDOSed currently: http://map.ipviking.com/
@  Nackers (Today, 06:14 PM) Reminder: GSN Weekly Video Contest Submission window closes tonight! You have 6 hours to get your videos in!
@  Nackers (Today, 06:10 PM) It depends on the place. Some places are shady. 3 years of delivery driving and my tips weren't taxed ever.
@  Nackers (Today, 06:09 PM) Jamison, it should be immediate - if it didn't work, please submit a support ticket to our admins http://gsngaming.com...&module=support
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:09 PM) Waiters pay taxes on tips... Why wouldn't strippers?
@  Nackers (Today, 06:08 PM) I'm sure it's just their hourly wage (which is probs similar to a waiter) it taxed, not their tips.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:08 PM) Yes. Taxed just like a normal wage.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:08 PM) The only difference is one puts money into a book and the other puts it in their underwear.
@  CoMmOdUs (Today, 06:07 PM) tax on tips? are you serious?
@  Nandy (Today, 06:07 PM) Ah, makes sense. Just a random thought.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:06 PM) Same way/reason a waiter pays taxes on tips
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 06:05 PM) Yes.
@  Nandy (Today, 06:05 PM) ...do strippers have to pay taxes?
@  Michael Jamison (Today, 06:03 PM) how long will it take for my donatio to go through
@  xXMaximus86 (Today, 05:57 PM) sup
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:51 PM) GOD my house looks tacky as fuck lol
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:41 PM) lol man you have no idea lol
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:40 PM) i do too but i cant till i move out
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:39 PM) i got a big shopping list lol
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:38 PM) My Wii is hacked with Emulators on it... plus wii games and gamecube compatibility.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:38 PM) nice
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:38 PM) yeah ill have everything but a wii got the xbone the other day and wife says after holidays i can get the pps4 and the rest of my pc upgrades
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:37 PM) i know that why i said that
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:36 PM) Its gonna be Wii + Wii U + PC for me for now on.
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:36 PM) I hooked up a wii u yesterday.
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:36 PM) after the new year dil ill be hooking up a ps4 lol
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:35 PM) not to bad watching the wife and kids put up christmas tree lmao
@  Nackers (Today, 05:33 PM) GOOD DEVILS HOW ARE YOU
@  Dilpickle1 (Today, 05:33 PM) Officially unhooked my xbox 360... if i had a box for my ps3 i'd pack it up too
@  Devils_knight (Today, 05:33 PM) hows it going everyone
@  Modoc (Today, 05:26 PM) then you should play it would make me feel much better
@  M249-M4A1 (Today, 05:22 PM) hi modoc i just came home from work! i really want to play dayz
@  Modoc (Today, 05:22 PM) Hi M2, I'm at work!
@  M249-M4A1 (Today, 05:16 PM) im home hi everyone!
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 05:09 PM) ok thanks wanted to know so my stream doesnt overlap one of yours cause I want to watch them
@  Gurthyy (Today, 05:06 PM) I'm gonnat ext u in a second nackers. :)
@  Gurthyy (Today, 05:06 PM) got it.
@  Nackers (Today, 05:05 PM) Just GSN Weekly.
@  Gurthyy (Today, 05:04 PM) if that's the case
@  Gurthyy (Today, 05:04 PM) Is there any stream happening tomorrow?
@  Koda (Today, 05:04 PM) @Space, what nackers said! i currently dont have internet so i wont be streaming this week! (though i had planned on streaming tomorrow)
@  Gurthyy (Today, 04:59 PM) We're almost halfway through getting rid of an ocean. :( http://ul.gurthyy.co...-11-23_1359.png
@  Nackers (Today, 04:57 PM) Yup. Special anniversary stream so I made it tuesday. She was going to take monday but currently is in the middle of two ISP's
@  TrecaaBade (Today, 04:56 PM) Bad robot are you continuing your Alien stream this Wednesday?
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 04:56 PM) is nackers going to stream instead of koda this tuesday?
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 04:46 PM) We will do it again soon!
@  BadBadRobot (Today, 04:46 PM) Thanks guys for coming :)
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 04:42 PM) please have another one that was the most fun ive had in that game
@  Nackers (Today, 04:41 PM) That was an awesome insurgency event!
@  SpaceCoder (Today, 04:37 PM) awsome insurgency event we need to play this again :D oh and btw I swear I dont use hacks even though it may have seemed like it lol :D
@  Fusion3Gz (Today, 03:49 PM) COME JOIN US ON INSRURGENCY!
@  Nonexistant (Today, 03:36 PM) I love FS14

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