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Hello all

March 01, 2017

Even though I've been apart of the Discord server for two weeks, I'd thought it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself on the forums, now. 

I am SirBradyofBurk but please, call me Brady. I would much rather go by my real name. 

I'm a college freshman studying Instrumental Performance with a focus in Saxophone. 

I love everyone and building new relationships. 

That's it. I'm glad to be here. I'm eager to contribute to the community and see where it goes from here, while making new friends, of course :)

What do you think about...? #1

February 28, 2017

What do you think about relationships (non-romantic)? 


Some questions to help you get started:


How do you define it (connotation)?


Do you find significance in it?


Relationships and GSN?  


Relationships and the internet/online gaming? 


Expand on the idea, if you please! 


If this goes well enough, I'll share my answer.