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#229655 Hello all

Posted by SirBradyofBurk on March 21, 2017

I know I made this about a month, but I came back and saw I didn't reply to any of you! 

Welcome to the forums 

Thank you!


Welcome to the forums dude!!

Thank you, dude!


Welcome. What video games do you like to play?

    I enjoy playing FPS (Like Battlefield... mainly Battlefield... yeah, it was just Battlefield! lol!) Once I get a job, I'll be opening up to more titles. Battlefield 4 used to be the game I played on a regular basis, but ever since a friend of mine shared Rocket league with me on Steam, I've been playing that SIGNIFICANTLY more. I no longer play BF4.


    I love to play a game in a manner where I progress in skill. That's what makes it fun and enjoyable for me, the tangible, evident progress. RL is great at rewarding those who want to better develop there skills, whether that be passing, centering, defense, goalie, striking, aerial-striking, you name it! I love it when I spend ten or so minutes on practicing, say, ground-dribbling, and I immediately notice improvement. 


    I'm not a fan of games like Minecraft. Games, such as the like of Minecraft, are very time consuming, and as a Music Major I can't commit myself to game like that. 


I hope that answers your question, Super Saiyan Bro!



Thanks, Arctic!


Welcome! Was a pleasure playing RL with you last night!! Where are you from/what time zone are you in?


    I may have already given you the answer to that question, form the time I made this thread (is it a thread?) to now. However, I'll answer anyway. 


I'm from Louisiana, in a town called Denham springs. 


To clarify: I'm not Cajun, and I do not live in a swamp. 

Welcome to the forums Brady :)

Thanks, CapN!


Welcome to the GSN forums my dude!

My d-d-d- WAT?! You said it! Oh goodness, it's not even Wednesday! I'm so flustered at this predicament! I must do it anyway!




Thanks, Searelia!