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In Topic: Conan Server Check-In

February 21, 2017

Yeah, I believe when I moved my little crafting building farther away from the NW city the NPCs started spawning again in that area.  The respawn radius for NPCs seems to be much different (larger) then the no build radius or the respawn radius for trees and rocks/iron.  Trees and rocks were respawning near my base, but NPCs that should have spawned in the distant horizon were being blocked.


I don't know what that was about because I have a small outpost near the pirate ship that is a lot closer to a small NPC camp and they respawn just fine.


Maybe it just had to do with some location information for my base during and update that messed things up and once I destroyed it things opened up.


Right now I have a couple bases at the following locations:

1 Large Base in the middle of the map in the G4 area

1 Medium Crafting/Trall base in the NW in the C6 area 

1 hut up on a hill in the south with a bed and a box in the G2 area, this JIC I'm helping people in the south I have a place to bind my respawn point for when I eventually walk off a cliff.  I can destroy this now that I've added people to my clan, they have larger bases in the south that I can use.

1 small house and wheel North of the Pirate Ship for capturing Thrall up there.


I made sure that when I built my places there was no other bases in eye site of these, but if someone find they want to build here, I have no issues moving stuff around, though I'd rather not kill off the first 2 bases, I've put a lot of time into those. I also don't have any Fencing or walls up to block people out, so feel free to come on in. I've taken down ALL my non crafting NPCs at all my bases. Fighter/Archer NPC's are a pain to everyone else if you are in an area that people have to walk through to get to stuff (Story NPCs etc).  



In Topic: Name Origination

February 06, 2017

Groupal was born in the Innothule swamps of EverQuest 1.  When I was one of the content managers for the xroads gaming network and I had media access to the Phase 3 Beta.  So I built a story line around the travels of Groupal the Troll.  Groupal was always lost and trying to find his way.  So as a way to release screenshots from the game I would go running around and post screen shots of my dead body all over the game world.  Me dead next to a Sand Giant, Dead at the gates of a Free Port..  etc. etc.  I had to get all the images cleared through Sony's PR department, but funny, I never had a single one rejected.  Good times.  I've had this gamer tag ever since,  18+ years and counting.



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February 06, 2017

I'm a full time nerd.


But I pay the bills by working for a specialized game development company that builds Bingo and Slot style games that used in the Charitable gaming markets.  I'm the Director of  game development so I meet with the customers, developers, artists, and music studios to work through the game visions and development processes.  A typical day for me is 4 hours playing games (Testing and research), 4 hours in meetings and 1-2 hours working on RNG algorithms for different situations.  I started in Banking building automation and monitoring software.  This is way more fun.  



In Topic: What is your Avatar?

February 06, 2017

A couple years back I had one of the artists on staff do avatars for all the developers.  Was kinda a joke, but many of them stuck.  Mine is supposed to be me blended into a Panda Bear.  We have a tendency to throw stuff at the office and I'm notorious for bringing in a bunch of ping pong balls and throwing them really hard and going for bounce shots off walls to hit people...


This was where it came from Kinda a take on the Kung Fu Panda and the fire ball thing from one of the movies.