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Warning Steam Users! Exploit!

February 07, 2017


Currently, there is a risk (i.e. phishing, malicious script execution, etc.) involved when viewing or simply opening PROFILE pages of other steam users as well as your OWN activity feed (both desktop and mobile versions on all browsers including steam browser/chromium). I would advise against viewing suspicious profiles until further notice and disable JavaScript in your browser options. Do NOT click suspicious (real) steam profile links and Disable JavaScript on Browser. Appropriate information has been forward to Valve and this issue should be resolved soon, sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Anyone (with knowledge of the exploit) who uses or abuses it FOR ANY REASON will RISK RECEIVING A COMMUNITY BAN. If you find any such profile that you can't report (as in literally cannot use the report button), please PM them to me.
    EDIT: There's way too many now, no need to PM me anymore. Thank you to everyone who did.


Keep in mind that any discussion on any exploit method is NOT allowed here and will result in a ban without warning. This post is intentionally vague, and will be kept that way due to the nature of this exploit.

And to make it VERY clear: do NOT post profile links on this sub (temporarily), do NOT post proof of concepts (we have the repro steps and passed them on), do NOT post anything relevant that might provide information on how to do this exploit (incl. youtube links). This post is your warning.



Change your Steam Account password, enable Mobile Authenticator if it's not on already (otherwise deauthorize other computers on Steam Guard on all systems from settings) then restart your modem/change IP. You might want to also consider scanning your system with a malware scanner/anti-virus.



Here we go...just one sec...there! Hello All :)

January 24, 2017

Greetings my fellow Gamers.


My name is Manuel and i'm known as Remax / LetsRemax online.


I am soon joining my last year in the 20's meaning i'm currently 28 years old.

I'm Portuguese but moved with my Parents to Switzerland at the Age of 3, so i'm kinda more Swiss then PT, but i love my Roots and the History behind it.


My first interaction with Games and PC's in General was thanks to my Cousin, who i consider more as a Brother. Thanks to him and his passion for tinkering and Gaming, i as well became fascinated with the growing Technology Era, starting with my very first game "Prince of Persia" on MS-Dos (ohhhh the memories, that sweet sweet SoundBlaster Music). From there on i knew what i wanted to follow in life, anything related to Computers and Technology.


Fast Forward today, i became a big Nintendo Fan and specifically the Zelda Series, work as a IT Tech, specialized in Apple Tech, in a great company with an amazing Team. Next to that i am almost always responsible for my Friends to Build all their Gaming Rigs / Home, a big hobby i enjoy!


Uhh ohh, i think i typed a bit to much up there, sorry ;).


Anyways, i discovered GSN due to certain people i follow both on Twitch as on Twitter, and i think it was due time for me to introduce myself both to them and to the Community.


I hope we can all have a great time and i'm looking forward to chill here.