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Hi, I'm a printer!

October 14, 2016

Hi guys, I'm Jozée.

I've been hanging out in the GSN Discord for quite a bit now, and it's been suggested that I make myself a profile on the forums to be able to apply to become a cool kid, like you all! 

I'm a 27 year old female game dev (Ubisoft, Rainbow Six: Siege team lead dev test) during the day, and gamer at night. I've been gaming my whole life, but sadly, only been a PC gamer since I started working on shooters and realised how much of a pain in the butt it could be to try to aim with a controller. Thank you Far Cry! 

I came accross GSN in the most random way possible... 
I was playing some Rainbow Six one night, a little tipsy, when someone accidentally teamkilled me (aka I put my head in front of his firing rifle). The guy said he was sorry and expected me to be mad and teamkill him back, but I didn't deliver. He apparently thought to himself ''what a cool dude''. That guy was BadBadRobot. At the end of the match, he gave a very fake Twitch link and told me to add him on MySpace, which made me add him on Uplay. We've been friends and gaming buddies ever since, hence why I creep in the GSN Discord and frequently can enjoy a couple rounds with most of you guys. :) 

I'm kind of shy, so I giggle a lot, make weird noises and say French things. 
Maybe you'll be able to confirm? I assure you, the pleasure would be mine!

I attached my best selfie, enjoy!