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In Topic: Oh hi there

January 19, 2018

Welcome to the forums MrGoPro  :wub:

In Topic: List of GSN Streamers?

January 19, 2018

Like Thunder said, our streamers have their own separate Discord servers for their streaming shenanigans. 
Here at GSN, we're all about gaming and relaxing together without being broadcasted! :) 


In Topic: hello from d3monioJack3l

January 18, 2018

Hi Jeremy! 

Don't hesitate to tell us more about yourself. 
What games you play, how you got into gaming, where you're from (general location, country), how you found GSN, etc. 
Anything that could be useful for us to get to know you :) 

Also you should join our Discord server if you haven't already! 

Hoping to play some games with you soon. 

Welcome to the forums! 

In Topic: Name Origination

January 08, 2018

Mine is kind of uneventful...

When I was working at Ubisoft and I had to make an intern Uplay account, I looked to my right and there was a printer. 
I thought to myself ''God I hate those fucking things.'' - then thought it'd be funny to use a printer name for a gamertag. 

My work account was HPDeskjet, then when I got a PC at home and made a personal Uplay account, I called myself HPLaserjet. 
I met a bunch of cool dudes in Rainbow Six and we were playing together every day and they all had a ''5'' in their gamertags so I changed the ''s'' to a ''5'' in mine. It caught on and I proceeded to use it everywhere. 

Oh but my steam original name is HPOfficejet, although I also have it set to HPLa5erjet so that people can still find me. 

Fuck printers. 

In Topic: MemberShip Introductions

January 07, 2018

Welcome to the forums!