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Thralls and Locations

February 09, 2017

Map with cords

Thrall places

Conan Exiles Who plays?

January 31, 2017

Ok so out of intrest here to se where people are at with this game.

I know a bunch of you guys have gotten it or are thinking of it. So lets lift the question a bit more.

How many plays it or are going to get it?

How many are considering getting it?

If gsn would open a server witch do you prefer PvE or PvP?

Answering this as you know will help our top team deside if we might get a server or not so dont be shy here :)

Who still Plays Ark?

January 29, 2017

Like the topic say. How many is still playing Ark? 

Ark Comes Alive?

November 19, 2016

Hey ok so most of you may have noticed that me, Animbus and also Habs and Bones have been playing Ark but not on GSN for a while. Reson for that is that we have been playing around with Ark Comes Alive to se what the deal is with that mod and to se if maby it would be fun and we could put it up for atleast a descussion here for the GSN servers. 

I also like to add that ALL of uss that have been playing on other servers for this mod will always chose GSN before any other server!


Ok so ACA is like Annunaki more or less but it dose not lagg as much (depends on settings) AND it works with scortched earth. Animals that is provided is a long range of diffrent types. You will have the base animals and those are passive tame so you can walk up to the regular trike and just feed it berries just need to be the right level to do so. Even the Pteradon is passive tame. The parasur is how ever agressive and will kill you if you wont watch out.
The basics for the dinos are otherwise Harvester, Poison, Speed and Power. Thees are kind of basic as you se the harvester gets more of what ever it will harvest for example the Anky will get more metal on eatch hit from its basic dmg then a normal one at same level. But here is what harvest rates comes in as well. IF the harvest is to high one hit from an Anky can lagg out the entire server. And i would think that if more then one person is harvesting with a harvest bronto they could possibly crash the server. (thees dinos are stronger then regualar once as well)

After that you have your dodorex, wyverns, dragons, broodmothers and so on. You also have Prime, Alphas, Chiefs and bunch more. 
Now you can tame all the diffrent kinds of animals and get more and more powerful. But they have also this kind of tire system where you gather enough crystals from the power, speed and so on and then summon another animal that you kill to get another pice of the puzzle and you keep doing this and in the end you can summon some really bad ass animals that will cruch you like a bugg if you are not cearful and your using a powerful dino. 
The Alphas as the system is at this moment that im typing is you tame one alpha, you then kill other specific alphas to gain DNA for that animal and when you have all that your alpha can evolve into a Prime. The Prime is more badass then the Aplha so its worth it for sure.

This is a verry fun mod and i have to say we have enjoyed it alot. The thing with thees kind of mods that you all have to take into acount is there may be alot of updates. This mods is still a work in progress and as i se it if i tame an animal one day and the next it is gone then i would think the people that is making the mod has a good reson for it to make the mod better and therefor im not gone cry about it even though sometimes it can suck alot if you have worked hard to get that dino.

Now here to the suggested rates and mods to make this run a tad smother for all.

New once:
Ark Comes Alive ofc

Resource Stacks (seams to work a bit better then stackplus we have now)

Super Spyglass (when the animals have over 1 million torpor you want to be able to keep a track on it for sure)

Sevens Mod Kit (when the animals have a shit ton of torpor a mod that gives a bit more can be verry helpful on the bigger stuff)

Bore Water Kit (no more looooong pipes going down to a river bank just get the water anywhere you are)

Mods to keep that need no links:
Feeding Trough
Structures +
*Cute Hair
*Reusable Plus

*No need really could be removed if enough people want to.

Now to the Stats:
Players level : 150-200
Dinos level : 850-900 
Harvest rates : 5
XP : 5
Taming : 15-20 (10 dose work but that is at the verry minimum i would recomend)

Now xp could be boosted if wanted to, the player level is needed so you can gain more HP to be able to survive, Dinos need to have that high level becaouse the bosses that are summoned Like the Chief will spawn in at level 1000 no matter what how high our dinos are. Taming rates need to be boosted a bit to be able to tame some stuff before they wake up. There is a posion in ACA that drops all the dinos food and it will eat up fast but like a harvest dino may also wake up faster then a regular dino so you want it to tame quick.
Im not making this into a vote for mods. Not at this time. I just want to lift this up let you guys talk it threw and im sure as hell hoping that this is something that could in the future be on our GSN server for sure. Reson is we have all done all, seen all. We are all good ARK players and we evolve fast and rule the maps we get on fast. This adds a new challange to the table. And like always if you want to do your own thing it is still possible, may be harder but the people from GSN will always be there and help our fellow players like we always have right?
So think it over, look into the mod. Dont just dismiss it without thinking it over please.
In the end majority rules and i know that, we all know that.

One last thing. Mod like this would mean we will have to start over, do a full wipe. Now im not to consern about this matter. We have all done it in the past a few times so nothing new there really.

Thats it for me at this time. Any questions post them and me, Animbus, Habs or Bones will asnwer them as best we can. We have not fully experianced this mod yet. So we may not have all the answers at this time but we are working on it to gain more and more answers for you. 


Love Alice


Closed: More mods?

October 19, 2016

Ok so here is the thing. We resently added 7 more mods to the server some witch we had before that we just took in again and some new once. Think we all are loving the new once :)
But since i could not do the poll my self i kinda forgot to add some mods that i would have like people to look into and also be able to vote for but also some that people have been asking about. So gona list them in and you all can do a yes and no answer to thees.
One last thing. Make sure your vote it thought threw. The mods must be able to work along side with both iland and scortched.

Most or all know what this means. Bigger meaner dinos, more hard core gaming with dragons, dodorex, broodmother, wardens, diffrent kinds alphas of all kinds of animals. 

Cute Hair
Even if the name is cute there are some bad ass male mask skins in it as well.

Some awsome looking trees, flowers and other decor to play around with.

Medival Tavern
Adding some decor, new cool looking bed and so forth.

http://steamcommunit...xt=Elite Dragon
We had thees before so by demand im taking this mod up again. Bad ass dragons that can dive into water, dose crap tons of dmg and can spawn anywhere. Means no one is really safe from thees.

Do a simple yes or no answer and if you like explain why your vote did go eather way.