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#229241 Conan Server Check-In

Posted by Searelia on February 21, 2017

Great post!
I would like to se that when you make and outpost for getting Thralls, that base/outpost should not be like a big base. Just make a smaller thing for your wheel, bed, few boxes to store stuff in more or less.
We are alot of people that would like to get Thralls from diffrent sides of the map and traveling with Thralls can be a harsh and deadly road. So all should be able to make smaller outposts at the good place for those Thrall spawns ofc. And if all is making a big base as an outpost with shrines, Archers and what not then in the end there will be only a few people that will be able to build there and even less depending on spawns. 

I would like to point out that just becouse your in the same tribe dose not mean you have to shere base. You are alowed to have your own base to build in. We are alot of people that love to build and some of uss (me included) tend to do a big building or have tons of animals/Thralls and so on and so forth. Witch is totaly allowed ofc. But if you love to build then dont just make a new base, upgrade your current one, rebuild it, or maby move if you find a better location. If you move demolish what you left behind. 

I would also like to se timers on Thralls extended so we can keep em knocked out for longer then the current 5 min. That would also make its alot easyer on the Thrall taking since that would mean less people would have to build outposts just for thralls. 


#229201 Off-season Greetings

Posted by Searelia on February 17, 2017


#229152 Greetings GSN

Posted by Searelia on February 12, 2017

Welcome to the forums. Hope you will enjoy it here. :)

#229109 Thralls and Locations

Posted by Searelia on February 09, 2017

Map with cords

Thrall places

#228932 Conan Exiles Who plays?

Posted by Searelia on January 31, 2017

Ok so out of intrest here to se where people are at with this game.

I know a bunch of you guys have gotten it or are thinking of it. So lets lift the question a bit more.

How many plays it or are going to get it?

How many are considering getting it?

If gsn would open a server witch do you prefer PvE or PvP?

Answering this as you know will help our top team deside if we might get a server or not so dont be shy here :)

#228881 Who still Plays Ark?

Posted by Searelia on January 29, 2017

Like the topic say. How many is still playing Ark? 

#228880 Re-Introduction! o/

Posted by Searelia on January 29, 2017


#228879 SmyleeRag3

Posted by Searelia on January 29, 2017

Hello and welcome

#228859 Conan Exile

Posted by Searelia on January 27, 2017

Never played Rust so no opinion on that but yes i do think it resebles ARK for sure but with more of a tire build system in. I can se how the pvp style of it can become verry Rust (taken from what i heard of the game) But then again i hear more or less same issue in the pvp world of ARK as it is in Rust more or less. I like the fact that this game offers not only pvp but also pve. I heard in the toturial video that there is gona be a limit of 70 players/server atleast to start of with and i have to say that sounds good. In a pve world it can be alot with 70 people seince then alot of people are gona maby build there own base like in ARK, but in a pvp world people will for sure build a base together for more easy and better deffence. 

#228840 Conan Exile

Posted by Searelia on January 26, 2017

Yes it really looks amazing. Looking at some game play atm and im really thinking of getting it!

#228790 Hello all

Posted by Searelia on January 20, 2017

Welcome to the forums and i really hope you enjoy your stay here as much as i do.
To all the rest this guy is a long time irl friend of mine so i hope you will like him as much as i do. 

#228755 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by Searelia on January 16, 2017

Gratz to all new ranks. And thank you all for the short but lovley opertuinity as an advance. 

#228225 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by Searelia on December 21, 2016

Big gratz to the both of you.

#228032 Hello, friends! I'm Blackatman.

Posted by Searelia on December 10, 2016


#227686 Elo Everyone!

Posted by Searelia on November 21, 2016

Welcome :)