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Hi, I'm a hotdog

October 24, 2016


My name is Jessica, aka Matweeny, aka Tweeny, Mrs. Weeny if you're nasty.


I've been hanging out in the discord for that past couple of weeks (making things awkward and sexual) and I've been lurking the GSN forums since March.


I'm an extremely old woman (30 in February) and I've been gaming since I was 3. I started out on my mom's old Atari (which I still have) and those hand-held Mattel football games that were just little red blips moving across the screen. I'm from Ohio (Muck Fichigan) but live in Charlotte, NC.


I also happen to be an unsuccessful Twitch streamer with a drinking problem; I'm very loud, make horrible faces, I'm extremely vulgar, and I burp...a lot (sorry).


Here's some highlights that describe me better than words ever could:




Byyyeee <3