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#217366 Moving on.

Posted by JackDee on January 27, 2016

Am done with GSN, too much back stabbing and politics for my liking, this community has gone backwards not forwards so i'd rather go forward, i'll miss a few people but i won't miss a lot of you.


So Toodlepip for the last time.


#217365 Farewell Friends

Posted by JackDee on January 27, 2016

Aw fuck mate, this is a sad day for me seeing another friend leave GSN, you're a true friend and will be so after this too.


Keep in touch on facetube mucca.

Be true to yourself and fuck the wankers off.

#216983 I am still here.

Posted by JackDee on January 21, 2016

OK i got that bit wrong just re read it and this it what it said "Alrighty. Well, I had sent him a PM - but i will just expect silence in return" if i read between the lines, to me it seems like u weren't expecting an answer from me hence why u never got one, apologies for that.

#216977 I am still here.

Posted by JackDee on January 21, 2016

Haven't been any where @MrCheezle :)

#216973 I am still here.

Posted by JackDee on January 21, 2016

Seems some people think i have left GSN, well let me put the record straight, I have not left just GSN though i did think about it after the shitty way i was demoted because some people didn't think i was pulling my weight on the forums or servers, well the only game i really play is Arma3 and we all know what happened there don't we, too many chiefs and no fucking indians, as for the forums i came on almost every day to read what was going on and tbh it was the shame shit just a different day, so what if i didn't reply to a topic or start one, my philosophy is i'll reply if i have something to say and not reply just to get my post count up with a useless fucking reply like some people that i won't need to mention.


I was told by thunder that when we get a Arma3 server (if at all) that i would go back to advanced member, but after being placed as a basic member what makes you think that the way i was treated and others too that i would want to be advanced again, yes i missed meetings but when u get up for work at 5/5:30am i was in bed most nights at 10:30 pm and most meetings if mem serves me were abt 7pm what ever bloody time zone it is, so i make no apologies for being a working man.


I never had any correspondence from any member about being demoted to basic on the forum, PM's or Discord, so how easy would it have been to at the very least get in touch and tell me you need a word with me, i only got a PM from nacker after i had put a post up about becoming a basic member and no i never replied to the topic either as nacker put it he didn't expect a reply and he was right he never got one, i thought if that's what he thinks then so be it.


One person i will say thanks to is @ HacksawJack Thankyou, he at least voiced his disapproval at the treatment that i received and many others too i'll bet too many to mention me thinks.

Now let the flaming and defamatory replies start. And if this upsets anyone tough shit.

#213468 Active members still around GSN?

Posted by JackDee on November 04, 2015


#213173 InfamousViking Introduction

Posted by JackDee on October 30, 2015

Welcome from the UK

#212579 New Tattoo

Posted by JackDee on October 24, 2015

Oh, the pain of those six hours. You the man Jack.  :woot:

To be honest mate, it only hurt when he was doing the shading in 3 places, just in the curve of the waistline and a couple places on the ribs could actually feel that rib vibrating lol

#212533 Goodbye Teamspeak, Goodbye Shoutbox.

Posted by JackDee on October 24, 2015

Is anyone on discord right now because i dont see a dam thing apart from a blank page?

#212278 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by JackDee on October 23, 2015

without altis life gsn isnt much.....

GSN is first and foremost a gaming community not an Altis Life community, so your opinion doesn't wash really does it, GSN is based around lots of games for different folks to come and have fun and a laugh, AL was NOT fun for a lot of people thats why a lot left/retired from GSN even i thought about leaving too because i was fed up with all the bloody moaners coming into the TS channels and (insert squeaky voice) " can u help me, so n so just killed me with no RP" christ almighty, come on really it was a game get over it, i for one am bloody glad BBR did what he did when he did it, because in all honesty that bloody game was driving a wedge into this community and causing rifts, between members and that's not good.

#211637 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by JackDee on October 21, 2015

yeah i lost it when i saw it LOL  ,btw get ur ass on ts mate

For you don sweety anything, ill get on in abt 20 mins :)

#211632 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by JackDee on October 21, 2015




Why can't i get this to embed !!

Love it Rando, couldn't have said it any better.

#211579 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by JackDee on October 21, 2015

Time to get addicted to Ark @SaltySam


I honestly thought this was going to happen 10 months agos back in Nov/December time fram of last year. I'm glad this was thought out and done the way it was done. I know that this has really been an issue because I know people like @JackDee who can not stand being in the teamspeak of a community he is a part of. 


Thank you @BadBadRobot and @Paronity, @Pager, @Goats267 for helping to create and shape Altis Life. Thank you to the rule committee, and thank you to those who admin'd the server over the life time of the server. 

@Machine Gun Preacher, Where did you get that from, that I don't like being in team speak in a community that i'm part of?  I did have a problem with lots of people coming into the channel i was in mostly the wasteland channel and i wasn't the only one either, i could name 4/5 others that hated people coming into the channel and raging about RDM/VDM and this person isn't RP'ing with me, the group i was playing with hated AltisLife and still do, the map in its self is fine its the RP shit that a lot didn't like, most if not a lot of the older members 40+ didn't want a bunch of squeakers in the same channel moaning about that bloody game that's one reason why i stayed in the advance lounge and just because i am not in ts every minute of the day is i have a life beyond Arma and GSN as most of us do,


I feel sorry for all the members and players that have read this topic and have put hrs n hrs into this game, but honestly this has been coming for a long time, jesus most of the posts in the forum are about AL and i don't read or reply to every bloody post unlike some eh! if i have something to say on a subject i will reply but not just for the sake of it.


And I'm on the forums everyday too reading other stuff not that there is a lot because AL takes up most of the topics.


So I'll see you in TS maybe/maybe not depends on who i want to talk with, would that be OK with you?

#210663 New Tattoo

Posted by JackDee on October 18, 2015

Damn looks sweet, how much do you think a hand sized tattoo on the chest would cost?

Depends on the design and the artist who is going to do it, but being you're the other side of the pond best to get the design you want and take it to a few artists and play one off against the other for the price, also try and talk to people that have had tattoos done at your chosen tattooist and get feed back from them, not all tattoo artists are good so shop around first is my advice.

#210645 New Tattoo

Posted by JackDee on October 18, 2015

nice mate..


so when u tell birds u got a big chopper u can point to the samurai's sword..lol

ill try that on her later esi lol