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May 12, 2017

Hey guys!

Seeing how the trend seems to be phasing away from Snapchat to Instagram I thought it might be cool to connect with everyone who else has an IG account. For those of you who might find it useful to separate personal and gaming community you can create an additional account and switch seamlessly between them without having to log out and sign back in!

Here are my Accounts:


July 09, 2016

What's up guys and gals my name is Garrett or you guys might recognize me more as Blackwrath.  I have been around a little bit just never really got around to formally introducing myself on here.  These days I mostly play PC and I ran into you awesome bunch from BadBadRobot's stream!  At the moment most of my gaming consist of shooter's: Rainbow Six: Siege (Which I more than likely played with some of you guys already) and Arma 3 for the most part.  When it comes to Arma any mod or gametype is fun but I'm mostly on Breaking Point.


Thanks for being so welcoming!