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#230600 Uh, a new member...as always :D

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on December 28, 2017

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!john-oliver-explains-where-daylight-savi

#230200 TwitchCon 2017 Long Beach

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on August 18, 2017

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Hey guys!
With TwitchCon only being a couple months away I wanted to create this event to better coordinate with everyone who is planning to go.  I'm excited to say this will be my first time attending and can't wait to meet all you awesome peeps!  Seeing how this year will be in my hometown I also wanted to help recommend places to check out such as restaurants and bars that would be worthwhile to go to during everyone's visit.
As for the convention itself the schedule is available in full Here
Here's a general breakdown of the hours for the weekend:
Badge Pickup
  • Thursday 10/19: 2 PM - 8 PM
  • Friday 10/20: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Saturday 10/21: 10 AM - 8 PM
  • Sunday 10/22: 10 AM - 4 PM
TwitchCon Hours
  • Friday 10/20: 12 PM - 11 PM
  • Saturday 10/21: 12 PM - 9 PM
  • Sunday 10/22: 11 AM - 6 PM
Expo Floor Hours
  • Friday 10/20: 1 PM - 8 PM
  • Saturday 10/21: 12 PM - 8 PM
  • Sunday 10/22: 11 AM - 6 PM

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For those of you who have the three day and Saturday pass to TwitchCon this year will have FREE admission to the party Saturday night being held at the Queen Mary: Dark Harbor!  More info can be read Here


I would assume we would want to attend this so this can take up Saturday evening although with SO much time and such little to see we could always resort to the local night life in the city!  Which brings me to...


Night Life in the City


Below is a list of my top recommended places in the area that would be great for the group to hang out and knock back a few brews with!




This night would be a perfect time to get away from the crowds that would undoubtedly be flooding the local bars of Long Beach since this would be the end of the first night of the convention.  Los Angeles is a mecca of different districts and scenes combining all walks of life that this world has to offer and would be a great opportunity to take advantage and visit more towards downtown after the festivities of the day.


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The Arts District will be a great first night outing for a wide variety of places to eat, drink and play games.  Because let's face it: this is TwitchCon it would'nt be complete without games!  This area is located just East of Downtown Los Angeles in Little Tokyo which is about a 20 minute drive north of the convention center.  Once you're here, everything is in walking distance of each other!



Angel City Brewery


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This brewery has a great selection of beers that vary from light Belgians to your choice of IPAs.  It has a huge open area with various board games open for taking and multiple places for corn-hole games!  The area is very laid back with a space great for any larger group.




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This hot dog joint is no place for you who say it's a sandwich!!!  You'll find an array of different type of meats here ranging from classic Bratwursts to exotic flavors like Rattlesnake, rabbit and duck.  Did I mention they have great beer here too?


Villain's Tavern


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Always a good time at this location with their full bar and live bands that play each night.  There's never a cover here and if you like Old Fashioneds like I do then this will be the place to go for great COCKtails. 




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Sure to be the crowd pleaser, Eighty-Two brings you back to the 1980's arcade and pinball scene with their collection of over 50 machines in this venue!  If you're wanting that high cocktain gameplay but too far from your PC or console be sure to bring your roll of quarters here.  While waiting for your drink you can watch overhead of the bar live projections of people duking it out on Street Fighter 2 and some battling aliens in Galaga.  This is not your neighborhood D&B...the ambiance  is like none other!




For the second night Twitch has already planned for those who have passes to be able to go to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor.  This is essentially a a maze attraction based around the Queen Mary boat off the harbor of Long Beach and would be a great place for those who may not be able to go out the previous night to hang out here as I'm sure most people will attend this night event.


If you guys decide that you've seen everything and you want go out again this would probably be the best time to visit the local bars of Long Beach as the foot traffic may not be packed as Friday since majority of the crowd would be at the Queen Mary.


Here are a couple other suggestions that are nearby the LBC area:


Ballast Point


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This one's for you Jimmy(themid1Beer)! This brewery is located right on the water and has a huge area to hangout at and have some easy eats to share over.  Perfect for large groups.



The Blind Donkey


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One of my favorite local spots: this basement bar has some really good craft cocktails with usually some obscure movies playing in the background.  Darts, pool table, and a couple arcade games in the corner to have a drink over!





I hope this was a useful insight to the city and maybe get the conversation started about what we might want to do as I'm sure there's going to many events during the actual convention we each may want to attend, look forward to the event!

#230113 Happy Birthday

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on June 01, 2017

<3 Thanks you guys!

#229995 Hello I'm Madi

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on April 27, 2017

Welcome home!

#228760 Name Origination

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on January 16, 2017

When I first signed up for Xbox Live and needed a near permanent handle. 5150 was something my brothers turned me on to. This is basically a California code for someone who is a danger to themselves and/or others around them. I used this in case whatever I chose was taken.

I started thinking and at the time I was in middle school doing a paper in my English Literature class on a short story by an author of our choosing. At this point I was really into Edgar Allan Poe and wrote my analysis on "The Masque of the Red Death".

To summarize, the story is about a Prince who hosts a masquerade party with several hundred rich locals to hide out from a terrible plague that is ravaging the city. A plague so terrible that the person who contracts it gets excruciating symptoms and died within a half hour. In this mansion there are seven rooms the first six being of various colors but the seventh, black.

During this party there was a guest with an eerie mask of a corpse that no one wanted to approach, yet allowed it to venture through all the rooms. When it got to the last room that no one was in, the prince followed it armed with a knife with everyone else following him. Once unmasked there was nothing underneath, and in that room everyone died.

Pretty dark I know! But it's a great read and I'd highly recommend it because that's a really short summary. After completing my paper I had to title it something unique and catching. Since I made connections to the bubonic plague and the seven deadly sins I needed something that can incorporated all of those elements including the creepy black room with a red tint light.

I named that paper Black Wrath.

Ever since then the name just stuck, and that was back in 2003!

#227676 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on November 21, 2016

Thanks everyone! Glad to be apart of this group, you've done an awesome job building it...and now we've come. #Kappa

#227150 1hp and a dream! 3v1 Clutch

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on October 30, 2016

Nice, I love situations like that. Gets the blood flowing

#226933 Hi, I'm a printer!

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Welcome on officially!  Hope to play sometime and not repeat BBR's mishaps lol

#225483 Picture Thread

Posted by Blackwrath5150 on August 18, 2016

DUDE, amazing job on the journey Kyle, congrats!


Here are a few of me and a number of hobbies I enjoy.




Me and my lovely gf to my right:




Paintballing: Tournament at the NPPL Huntington Beach Open:




Shooting real guns from time to time  ;)  (Friend's Rifle =/ idk the Specifications)




December 2014 in Havana Cuba:




Learnin' to fly...




and anything running!



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Posted by Blackwrath5150 on August 18, 2016

Hey man, welcome!  You'll probably see quite a few of us on there from time to time so if you haven't met the other guys like Walt or ch33sebob come in and say hi!  Noticed you played paintball too man, sick, what's your marker of choice?

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Posted by Blackwrath5150 on August 16, 2016

Happy Bday! Don't go losing it all at Thunder From Down Under!

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Posted by Blackwrath5150 on July 09, 2016

What's up guys and gals my name is Garrett or you guys might recognize me more as Blackwrath.  I have been around a little bit just never really got around to formally introducing myself on here.  These days I mostly play PC and I ran into you awesome bunch from BadBadRobot's stream!  At the moment most of my gaming consist of shooter's: Rainbow Six: Siege (Which I more than likely played with some of you guys already) and Arma 3 for the most part.  When it comes to Arma any mod or gametype is fun but I'm mostly on Breaking Point.


Thanks for being so welcoming!