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#230437 Donation from DonDiablo

Posted by DonDiablo on December 01, 2017


#226905 please add me

Posted by DonDiablo on October 20, 2016

its wierd,cant seem to find you even though i spelled it right :o

#225873 Ark: Scorched Earth Expansion Thoughts and Ideas

Posted by DonDiablo on September 05, 2016

i just want the server up asap :P dont want to waste my time on other servers :P

#225780 Battlefield 1 Beta Discussion

Posted by DonDiablo on August 31, 2016

Allright, i love the game,not gonna mention broken stuff cause its a beta and all of then has had Bugs,but this is the best beta so far of then all,

I love sniping and causing a lot of salt :D

#225137 How sweet it is!

Posted by DonDiablo on August 04, 2016

oh thats sexy Xd can totaly masturbate to this XD

#224773 Made myself a brand new office

Posted by DonDiablo on July 23, 2016

my original office desk was awsome ,only downnside was that it was in the bedroom



so it was about time to do something about it since i had 2 tiny storage rooms that was unused,time to tear some walls down


DSC_0634.JPG DSC_0635.JPG DSC_0638.JPG DSC_0640.JPG DSC_0642.JPG DSC_0644.JPG DSC_0646.JPG DSC_0648.JPG DSC_0647.JPG 12004823_852251954887435_3809299311028957781_n.jpg


so thats half of the room,still a little work on the other half which will be Xee`s place :P

#223644 Battlefield 1 gameplay

Posted by DonDiablo on June 12, 2016





#222262 Music Thread!

Posted by DonDiablo on May 10, 2016

Yessssssss I love this. Muzzy is so good ♥ MORE MUZZY

Listen on Soundcloud.com

#222259 Music Thread!

Posted by DonDiablo on May 10, 2016

oh where to begin LOL my liked list on sc is almost 1600 tracks ^^but here is a fresh one 


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#222083 Battlefield Bad Company 2 UNRELEASED Footage

Posted by DonDiablo on May 05, 2016

all the fun :D ive gone back to playing this,join meeeee

#221852 New Battlefield Game Teaser Next Week

Posted by DonDiablo on April 29, 2016

it better be bad company 3 :P

#221689 Happy Birthday

Posted by DonDiablo on April 26, 2016

Happy birthday :):)

#221212 Who Played Doom?

Posted by DonDiablo on April 18, 2016

So, i just played the Doom beta for about an hour. My thoughts are meh. I don't really have a desire for arena shooters at this time in my gaming life. Arena shooter game play gets really boring to me after a bit. 


For one, there is no run or crouch. VOIP is shift key, which I thought was odd. You can't switch weapons with the number keys. I thought that was dumb as well. Grenade was not 'G'. WTF. 


When I spawned in an an assault class, my primary weapon was a rocket launcher and my secondary was an assault rifle....


Launching a beta with known issues with an entire line of GPU's was a little old to me as well...




I wont be buying it that's for sure. Especially with Overwatch and Battleborn around the corner. Game did not excite me at all. However, it ran like butter one I got into the game and looked pretty. Just not my type of game. 

NOBODY buys doom for the mutiplayer XD i will get this but only cause story mode,i did play 1 round of the beta cause it was that meh and nothing special

#220043 Musically inclined person(s) needed.

Posted by DonDiablo on March 17, 2016

feel free to check out the crap lol 


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#220039 Musically inclined person(s) needed.

Posted by DonDiablo on March 16, 2016

Welp. i used to make music :(


@DonDiablo do you still have/use FL studio?


i doo but im not good at it lol XD