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#213781 35-1 BO2

Posted by 300harbingers on November 08, 2015

GG no RE

#212000 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by 300harbingers on October 21, 2015

I'm just here for my bros, i could care less about official servers.

Rock on homies. 


That being said, my bros need to get back into battlefield 3! You missing out!

#184583 Why you should be careful calling hack in ARMA 3

Posted by 300harbingers on July 13, 2015

wow, thats outrageous.

I knew the Arma engine is created for player vs npc, but i didn't think the pvp scene was THAT bad lol.

#183748 Commy goes to spain!

Posted by 300harbingers on July 08, 2015

Should have taken me with! TOO JELLY

#177932 Luke Here!

Posted by 300harbingers on June 13, 2015

My names also luke! :P


#176073 Looking For Gamecube Controllers

Posted by 300harbingers on June 03, 2015

I think i might have a couple somewhere -- i'll dig around the house


Edit: I found 3 controllers that i'm willing to part with: 2 are madcatz and 1 is from nintendo. all 3 are wired.

I don't have a paypal or anything for you to pay into, but i accept steam gifts :) i'm sure we can work something out.


Shoot me a pm if you're interested @Nackers

#174108 Smooth like butta

Posted by 300harbingers on May 25, 2015

my bad :P time to me to go to bed haha

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#172662 Skyrim Opening Scene issues!

Posted by 300harbingers on May 15, 2015


#167794 Obama's Anger Translator

Posted by 300harbingers on April 27, 2015

@joey posted this in the shoutbox, i was laughing my ass off, and felt it was worthy of a thread :)




#161652 hey guys

Posted by 300harbingers on April 08, 2015


#159382 House Got Broken In To!

Posted by 300harbingers on March 31, 2015

my house has never been broken into, but my neighbors had their garage broken into once. Then 2 weeks later the same theif tries to break back into the same garage, but this time the dog barked and my neighbor grabbed a 12 gauge. he opens the door to find a guy trying to kick the garage door down in, he yells at them, and they run into the corn field. He shoots at the cornfield with a few shells of birdshot. Then he hears them getting into their car on the other side of the field. he runs and grabs his truck and starts chasing after them to grab the lisence plate number. they get to the corner of the road, and slow down to take a corner, but my neighbor didn't slow down, and rammed the back of their little import car, followed them to the next corner and rammed them again. the only reason he turned around is because he was almost out of gas and didn't want to walk home.


needless to say, the robbers never came back.


Posted by 300harbingers on March 29, 2015

It would be an xp waste for me to break and eat.

Every second you waste with your hand in a bag of chips is a second statspad.exe isn't running!

#151114 Low Tech PC For My Mom :)

Posted by 300harbingers on February 27, 2015

is it bad that the computer your building for your mother is better in every way than mine.

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#150919 Houston, I Might Have A Problem

Posted by 300harbingers on February 26, 2015

maby if you stop spilling your beer on them keyboards during the weekly episodes, you can stop buying new ones. :)

#150875 Houston, I Might Have A Problem

Posted by 300harbingers on February 25, 2015

woah thats a lot