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Armachinima Awards

February 14, 2017

For you Armaholics like me, I just thought I would share voting for the #Armachinima awards started today if anyone is interested in checking it out or voting on any of the videos. Some of the videos are very well done worth a gander if you still love Arma...then again I might be alone on this one haha







Why You Should Play King Of The Hill Again...

September 25, 2016

We have had some fun times this past week playing King Of The Hill I thought I would share our stupid Shenanigans and funny conversations, I look forward to playing more with everyone and hope to see some more people next week Capn out. Oh and as always Sorry for the crappy editing and the obnoxious laughing RIP EARS











and anyone else I left out :)




SpeedDemon Makes A Promise To BBR

July 26, 2016

Speed makes a comment to BBR that leaves him speechless....

anddddd my first overwatch montage :) enjoy!