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#229240 Conan Server Check-In

Posted by Bourbon on February 21, 2017

I know this is early, but one tiny mod that wouldn't be overpowered, but offer a sizeable QOL improvement would be a stack size mod, not to raise max stack size past 100, but raise certain items to stack to 100 (I'm looking at you sulfur, meat, and health pots).

#229125 What do you do? (Jobs Post)

Posted by Bourbon on February 09, 2017

Super interested to here how you implement RNG algorithms and randomness, that's always been a process in computing I find intriguing.... Although I'm sure most of the interesting bits are all trade secrets and whatnot.

#228921 SmyleeRag3

Posted by Bourbon on January 30, 2017

There's this little game for people disaffected by WoT called War Thunder. You should check it out, it's pretty great.

#226528 show us! What did you do? (Make)

Posted by Bourbon on October 03, 2016

Dat picture angle doe.

#225496 War Thunder Sh... Boats.

Posted by Bourbon on August 18, 2016

To be honest I'm unsure of how i feel about only having smaller boats IF that's all that ever happens.  However, having said that, I hoped against hope during the dark hours when everyone was saying we'd never see ships and we're a lot closer to having ships than we've ever been before!  Fingers Crossed! :D

#225171 My official introduction to GSN

Posted by Bourbon on August 06, 2016

War Thunder? War Thunder did you say?! My man, I've been bugging tons of people to play WT. Do you play planes or tanks?

Edit:. o7

#224856 Finally

Posted by Bourbon on July 26, 2016

You've come a long way from Kansas E-machine Dorothy! Nice build. :)

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#224808 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by Bourbon on July 25, 2016

Congrats to new members and members with new roles alike!  You guys have earned it :D

#224497 Coffee and Twitch Don't Mix

Posted by Bourbon on July 09, 2016

Do you want ants Nackers?! Cause that's how you get ants!!

#224486 What Personality Type Are You?

Posted by Bourbon on July 09, 2016


I don't know. I think it missed me by a decent amount. I mean, one of the things it said I had is selfishness. I put other people before me to my own detriment, sometimes. I might take it again and spend more time on the answers. Maybe I was just too quick.

I think it might have more to do with the sample size of the answers. It has to establish pretty broad conclusions for a fairly small number of questions.

#224285 What Personality Type Are You?

Posted by Bourbon on June 30, 2016



INTP-A although i find it interesting that i am an 'N' instead of 'S' as i find those traits in myself as well.


I find it interesting that we're currently batting a thousand on IN types.  I'm eager to see the unfolding results as the sample set expands :D



GODDAMMIT TrackPadGaming with the combo breaker.  I got ninja'd hardcore and you broke the 100% 


results revised to 80% IN types lol

#224054 In memoriam

Posted by Bourbon on June 25, 2016

It saddens me that i missed the chance to cross paths with 1man by several months, by all accounts he was a legend, but thankfully a legend that GSN keeps unforgotten in memories.

#223678 Vidi Doesn't Like Smack Talk...

Posted by Bourbon on June 13, 2016

Koda for the record, I completely support your prerogative to shoot whomever you like as it fancies you, armed or not it matters not.

My personal motto is shoot first, ask questions never.


Posted by Bourbon on June 10, 2016

DEFINITELY digging that Osprey/Specter gunship hybrid.... so many guns, plenty of dakka to go around! :D

#221754 Bourbon Refuses to Die

Posted by Bourbon on April 27, 2016


Oh man that was great.

Haha 4 tanks one crewman I figured I was donezo so I was gonna go down swinging... Afterwards, dustles is like, "can I please shadowplay that?"