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#230222 1080ti or wait for new cards?

Posted by Polar on November 07, 2017

I currently have a gtx 970 and an i7 4790k @ 4.7 ghz (won the lottery on that oc) but yeah I plan on upgrading to a pc enthusiast card instead of a high tier card.

#226692 Hey Im Polar!

Posted by Polar on October 11, 2016

Hey Im Polar a lot of you may remember me from Altis Life. I am guessing most of you have seen at least one of my Youtube Videos. Anyways Im super into Rust currently and im trying very hard to get into Youtube. I hope to connect to a lot of the people I used to play with on Altis Life. I'm 17 currently and enjoy playing games. I built my first computer at 14 and Im currently rocking a I7-4790k and a Gtx 970 overclocked out the ass. I love gaming and I hope nothing will ever gets in the way of it. 


I hope to see you all around soon and let me know what games you guys are into!

#226434 Yet Another Rust Video!

Posted by Polar on September 26, 2016

Tell me what you think!


#226277 New rust video ( alot of time and effort went into this one)

Posted by Polar on September 19, 2016

Spent over 3 hours editing over 13 hours of gameplay to get only my best clips from that wipe. Please let me know what you guys think on here or on youtube.


#225820 Another Video from the rust god.

Posted by Polar on September 02, 2016

Another video let me know what you guys think (-=


#225380 Rust God?

Posted by Polar on August 16, 2016


One arrow and a dream

#208556 3-C Altis Life Funny Moments 2

Posted by Polar on October 10, 2015

#206774 3-C funny moments.

Posted by Polar on October 02, 2015

#205921 One does not simply stop a hatchback sport.....

Posted by Polar on September 28, 2015