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Video Game Shenanigans With SpaceCoder

December 09, 2017

Astroneers Timelapse

December 29, 2016

I thought this games sky was beautiful so I made a timelapse of it.



hope you enjoy,


Space's Telescope Pictures

December 10, 2016

So if you could not tell already I am a huge Astronomy nerd and recently my astronomy teacher lent me one of the school's Newtonian Telescopes so over the last few nights I have been playing around with it and looking at the night sky. Anyways here are some pictures that I took over the last few nights on my phone. Also, I have posted a link to the Google Drive Folder below for anyone who is interested in seeing all the pictures or for anyone who just wants some new wallpaper for their desktop or phone.












All the pictures are upside down because how light reflects in the telescope, I am currently working on correcting them and those corrections will be in the Google Drive. I am hoping to get pictures of stars and planets soon but I need to figure out how to do long exposure shots on my phone and I need to set up the tracking mode on the telescope before I can do that.


Google Drive Link


Hopefully, I can get even better pictures soon and I hope I didn't bore you too much :)


See you around,