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#229565 Let's DOCument This.

Posted by Koda on March 16, 2017

I was going to put this in a montage but the video was slightly corrupted so I decided to put it on its own, hope you enjoy!



Starring: @ch33s3b0b, @Waltfield @Blackwrath5150 @Berez-21

#229454 H1Z1 Shenanigans (as promised!)

Posted by Koda on March 05, 2017

I don't play much H1Z1, but when I do, I SHENANIGAN!



Starring: @DigitalFlex @IdealShooting @goodbowler200 @Gippy @wabadahugo @Dustles @Gurthyy @Jhordan

#229409 Places!

Posted by Koda on March 02, 2017

Some of the coolest and funniest moments I've had while playing siege these last couple weeks! Hope you enjoy!



Starring: @ch33s3b0b @Waltfield @Laus @xXHeloMechXx, Luke, Broccoli, etc

#229276 First Sniper Rifle! (H1Z1)

Posted by Koda on February 23, 2017

But like mostly me the whole game talking :P


I dont have my mic captured because this room is too loud :P

#229273 First Sniper Rifle! (H1Z1)

Posted by Koda on February 23, 2017

Fun little video of my first match with a sniper! (Also first ever video of trying text following something!)



Starring: @DigitalFlex @Jhordan @wabadahugo @Dustles (for the ! effect :D)

#228622 Random Montage? Random Montage.

Posted by Koda on January 07, 2017

Cleared up some more space on my drive for more shadowplay goodness, hope you enjoy the montage!




Starring in order of appearance: @Dustles, David, @Kherune, Bada, Tom, @ch33s3b0b, @Blackwrath5150, @Laus, @Waltfield (voice only) @Kest @Jhordan, Hulkpn, @M2THE49, @Trimbel, @Revrat @Thunder, @IdahOgoLd, @paladinZero, @Bourbon

#227866 Identity

Posted by Koda on December 01, 2016

Remember that kickstarter from Asylum? Apparently the kickstarter was a sucess and they have been working on the game, a gameplay video came out as of Tuesday...definitely different from Arma thats for sure!



#227863 Donation from matweeny

Posted by Koda on December 01, 2016

More moolah for the secret moon base, whoop! :D

#227783 Sincere Apology to Paladin

Posted by Koda on November 27, 2016

Now I know where koda gets her trolling from haha 

no no, he is but the padawan. If it were me Paladin would've died on the first one :D

#227734 Guess who's back

Posted by Koda on November 23, 2016

Im fashionably late to the welcome committee, but I am very happy to see you back Koda :D I missed you! 


Welcome back <3 

I missed everyone here so much as well, I was glad my time apart from GSN didn't have to be forever! Now that I am back everyone can expect "science" to increase by ~170% and @M2THE49 to "accidentally" die at an increased rate of ~300% ;) <3

#227552 Did someone ask for some...

Posted by Koda on November 19, 2016

...Muthaf**kin BF1 Action? No? well here you go aways...



Starring: @M2THE49 n some WoW Guildies (need some moar GSNians for my next video!)

#227547 Guess who's back

Posted by Koda on November 18, 2016

Welcome back! Lets break some games!


What games do you has in mind? WE SHOULD TOTALLY PLAY SOME BF1 :D

#227396 Guess who's back

Posted by Koda on November 11, 2016

Herro! My name is Koda! I was a former GSN member back in the day AND I'M BACK. For those of you who remember me, you guys know about my situation and why I left. I've had time to start putting my life back on track. It's not 100% yet, but it's a work in progress!
Since leaving GSN, I've turned 21, I became an Aunt, I cut most of my hair off (it was scary!), started volunteering at an animal shelter with all kinds of cats (and kittens!) and more recently, been attending an awesome support group for people who have difficluty with handling anxiety. I've gotten out a bit more, too! (yay Pokémon GO)
(actual shelter footage)
For those who don't know me (and I see a lot of new faces here) here's a quick bit about me:
I'm an avid gamer who loves cats and running deadly experiments FOR SCIENCE*** -- including, but not limited to:
- "accidentally" blowing things up
- "accidentally" teamkilling
- "accidentally" pushing red buttons
- testing if I can fly
- testing if I really have 9 lives
- testing the laws of physics
- getting stuck in EVERYTHING
I play World of Warcraft, Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, Heroes of the Shitstorm, Left 4 Dead 2, and Rocket League to name exactly 7 :D
Over the past months I've really missed my family here at GSN. I've had time to let some things that bothered me from the past heal and I want to start fresh. Only looking forward now :)
I can't wait to start playing with everyone!
- Koda

#224649 Can't Stop the Healing

Posted by Koda on July 14, 2016

@Aryanix put this in Discord but in case anyone hasn't watched this video yet, here ya go!


#224617 Whatever team, these are cool.

Posted by Koda on July 12, 2016

Here are some animated GIFs for you all to support your team? :)








I furiously tapped my screen and had my sister tell me when to stop...that is how I chose a team in Pokemon GO (How did you choose?).