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Why we play video games

June 19, 2016

Why We Play Video Games
      Video Games... One of the hobbies most of our parents used as a scapegoat for or bad grades and our adolescence behavior, have become an important part in most of our lives years later. We all have our reasons for playing these video games whether they be just something to help you relax once you get home from work or a hobby shared with friends, and we can all agree that we have a blast playing together every day. I share these feelings with most of you here, but I ,as well as a few others, also have more genuine reasons we play video games.
      The Story, one of the most important aspects of a game that will decide if it's going to be a best seller or just a huge flop. We all have experienced a game that had a story so intense and emotional once you finished you couldn't help but be extremely sad that it was over. These amazing stories are what keep us up in the late hours of the night and are the reason for us  being too "Sick" for work. Unlike a movie or any book you can find at a library, in video games, we have control over the story. With all the control gamers have, we find ourselves getting extremely attached to characters and sometimes experience the same feelings that are being conveyed in the game.
      Why would we play a game that has no story? Well, an amazing multiplayer of course.  Multiplayer games allow us to play with friends on a team, or it puts our friendship to the test and even places us up against each other on separate teams. After all the tea bags, we find ourselves experiencing  a special sense of comradery at the end of the day. In some cases, this comradery can bring about pro teams and amazing gaming communities. COUGH GSN COUGH Without these multiplayer games all the friendships that have been made would not exist. We are able to play with people around the world and there is nothing else that will have allowed us to meet the amazing people we have over all the years of our gaming.
      The story and multiplayer play a big role in why we play, but something more personal is honestly the main reason I come home to game. Video games are my escape from the world. I buried myself in my books and school when I was younger and have resulted in me graduating from school with no one I can call my friend.  This carried on through college so For the past 6 years  I turned down all the parties, all the nights out, or any sort of romantic relationship so I could make that big "A" on the next upcoming test. This has resulted in the deep depression I have been in for the last six years of my life. I have tried everything and believe me I have, but the only thing I have found that helped me has been gaming.  When I turn on the computer and I start up that game everything around me doesn't matter anymore. All the pain is numbed and for the first time all day I am happy. I put myself in the shoes of that adventurer I am playing, in the helmet of that soldier on the battlefield, or in some cases that car flying in the air getting an amazing shot on goal just to be blocked by some F*cking Canadian.
     I have met amazing people here and have made friendships I honestly hope would last a lifetime. Because of gaming, I have found a place I can call home and a place I feel comfortable sharing some of my life to. This is the first time I have shared some of my story with you guys. Sorry, I had to be all  Emo and shit but I do my best not to bring any of this up because these are my problems, not GSN's.