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Save Medal of Honor

August 11, 2016

Medal of Honor was without a doubt my favorite game series of all times. I mean shit, the campaigns of 2010 and War Fighter actually made me cry... it's such a good game but there was no dev support past launch. It only was a testing ground for the Frostbite engines so that Battlefield could sell better. I wanna see this series come back and I wanna see it done right - no launch until no bugs. 


My friend Krahu created a petition and an 18 minute video in hopes that EA will at least acknowledge publicly what their plan is for MoH. I hope some of you will sign this petition and spread the word.


Video from my buddy Krahu 


If you know Java I need your help

March 24, 2016

Yours truly decided to take an online Java class. 

I hate online courses. I hated the course I was in previously because it was practically online with the teacher being of no help.

Ya see I'm one of those people who learns by example. And with online classes the example just isn't there. Normally I can just bullshit my way through an online course, but here, i can't.

So if anyone here could pass an introductory Java class where you write at most one hundred lines of code id appreciate your spare time and help for me to pass this class. I'm already behind by 3 assignments that will probably take at most 45 minutes to complete them all by someone with some experience. Not looking for someone to do the work for me, but watch me as I go and answer any questions I have and make sure I stay on the right path. 

If you do a wonderful job you will be compensated for your help. 

Why does my wifi/internet do this..

February 19, 2016

Occasionally my wifi just eats shit. Everyday it is shit, but somedays the only thing it does is smell. Right now it's like that. Like 10 seconds after midnight I was looking forward to a match when my wifi cuts out. This happens to me like once or twice a month, though it is probably more often I'm just not using the Internet at that time to notice.

Basically, the signal is being detected. But like I don't get any internet. And on my computer which is wired in it does the little training warning thing on my connection bar, and so I'm like I click the shit and let Windows diagnose the problems and it always comes up with make sure the cables are secure, restart the router/modem, and restart the PC.

I do all of those things but it ends up just being a waiting game as the Internet only starts working again whenever it feels like it pretty much... So I go to bed in times like these and hope that it works in the AM.

My first clutch in RSS

January 23, 2016


On defense... never keep your eye off the ball... 



Rainbow siege for $35 TODAY ONLY

January 19, 2016


On Amazon. Enjoy, great game.