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#225254 Save Medal of Honor

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on August 11, 2016

Medal of Honor was without a doubt my favorite game series of all times. I mean shit, the campaigns of 2010 and War Fighter actually made me cry... it's such a good game but there was no dev support past launch. It only was a testing ground for the Frostbite engines so that Battlefield could sell better. I wanna see this series come back and I wanna see it done right - no launch until no bugs. 


My friend Krahu created a petition and an 18 minute video in hopes that EA will at least acknowledge publicly what their plan is for MoH. I hope some of you will sign this petition and spread the word.


Video from my buddy Krahu 


#224573 This is Hannover

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on July 12, 2016

All of a sudden I want to go to Germany!

You'll never wanna leave either...

Das is wunderbar!

#220329 If you know Java I need your help

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on March 28, 2016

I sucked it up and went head on and did the assignments. With a little bit of YouTube help and some googling I was able to come out okay haha

#220104 iphone 6 plus locked

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on March 19, 2016

If Apple won't unlock the phone for the FBI, they ain't gonna unlock the phone for you. Sorry bro. It'd take social engineering I guess to unlock the passcode. MAYBE Apple could get you his Apple ID and then y'all gotta guess the password.

#218711 Finally pulling the plug guys...

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on February 19, 2016


#218492 Dog help!

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on February 14, 2016


I believe it's a hard hybrid to come by.. As if you leave room for squeaky and flexibility to squeak you lose out on the power and toughness...

#217890 I Am a Terrible Teammate

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on February 04, 2016

Play with? No.


Play against? Much yes. 

#217808 New F-35 Edwards Air Force Base

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on February 02, 2016



That would of been big news if that was true. And duffelblog is known for the utmost stupid/fake stories of all times. Or they even take stories and bend and twist them to make them sound nearly true. The Pentagon would of been shut down for wasting tax payers money on powerball tickets.

I know the duffel blog is a satire news site but that shit is so funny because honestly it isn't far fetched to think it would happen and it just points out that the enormous cost of this BS.

#217099 My first clutch in RSS

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 23, 2016


On defense... never keep your eye off the ball... 




Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 21, 2016

Thanks bro

#216866 Rainbow siege for $35 TODAY ONLY

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 19, 2016


On Amazon. Enjoy, great game.

#216742 AMA: Mr. Cheezle (Patrick)

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 14, 2016

Favorite holiday?

Best gaming friend?

Favorite TV show?

First job?

Favorite job?

#216320 Put a little excitement into my gaming day...

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 06, 2016

So again... playing Exile by myself with only 6 other people on the server. Figured I'd be good and at most I'd run into maybe 1 or 2 guys. Well... guess who was the lucky bastard that ran into all fucking 6 of them. How my good luck went here (Probably should watch the video first so no spoilers on the action...) I had just switched from the m107 to the Navid when they rolled up My strider was in the right place to be able to block most of the shitstorm of bullets being thrown at me. I was going to B.I.P. their m134 with some charges I had on me earlier but I had RTB and stored them for later use They had the m134 and not something else like a grenade launcher which either woulda killed me with splash damage or i wouldnt have been able to fuck up the helicopter they had duck tape... And what was originally gonna look like MAYBE 1k in loot turned out to be a decent 5k once i headed for the trader to go chop their shit... and yeah the strider is still sitting there locked... I couldn't repair it anymore and figured my scroll wheel was glitched.

#216301 New Gun Law Discussion

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 06, 2016

My thoughts:

All of this is simply closing the loopholes to avoiding a background check. If you are required to have a background check to buy it at Walmart or Johnnys Gun Store... you need one to buy it at the annual gun show happening in the state. These background checks do not prevent people from owning a firearm. If they are blocked from owning a firearm... It's one of those people who you'd have to end up using your own gun on anyways.

Now... Have any of the mass shooting incidents resulted from someone abusing this loophole to access a firearm? Nope. Mass shooting is the key here. But could you find a domestic abuser or a stalker with a restraining order who went and bought a gun at a gunshow and then used it on someone else? Yeah, you could.

I also know that a lot of gunshows already follow this executive order and this changes nothing for them. 90+% (Gallup and pew research center pollings) show that Americans support universal background checks such as these. These numbers are nothing new. But Congress won't do shit. Most of us don't like congress. Yet we keep reelecting the incumbent who doesn't change the way he represents us or we elect those who listen to the lobbyist more than they listen to the people. This is why I believe President Obama has moved to do something. Congress wants to keep the power to themselves so of course they are gonna see this as horse shit... But just remember that they are the ones not doing anything...

Thirdly... It's an amendment... If Congress ever decided to do something THEY are the ones who could ratify an amendment to the second amendment. It'll be prohibition all over again... our 18th and 21st amendments.

I'm pleased with the Presidents response to do something about reducing the chance that the wrong people get their hands on a gun.

Now to work on the cops.. But I'll leave that discussion for outside of GSN.

#216248 Super Stickman Golf 2 - Mobile

Posted by Machine Gun Preacher on January 05, 2016

Games awesome download it