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#229586 Tons of Electronics 4 Sale

Posted by Al Hoff on March 17, 2017

Droppin the price of the 1080 down to 415 + shipping! Just took pics of everything-- getting ready for the ebay grind.



#229525 Tons of Electronics 4 Sale

Posted by Al Hoff on March 09, 2017

Prices are somewhat negotiable, BUT, they are already based off of sold listing prices on ebay. All listings sold as is. Hit me up if you're interested in something-- throwing them on ebay tonight or the weekend and they usually go quick!
****bundle notice****
The i7 2600 + dell motherboard + g.skill RAM + corsair 100r case if bought together come with windows 10 key and 1TB WD blue HDD for an additional $30 dollars. 
****end transmission****

  • Graphics Cards
    • EVGA GTX 980ti SC+ Newegg Link asking $340 + free insured shipping.
    • sold EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Newegg Link asking $450 + free insured shipping.
  • SLI Bridges
    • EVGA PRO SLI Bridge HB (1 Slot Spacing) Newegg Link asking $30 + shipping cost tbd
  • Processors
    • Intel Core i7-2600 (with stock cooler) Intel Page asking $100 + shipping cost tbd
  • Motherboards
    • Dell E93839 (from Optiplex 790) LGA 1155 (with 2 fan header adapters, temperature sensor, USB front i/o panel, and modded power switch::: all needed to make the motherboard boot without warnings)  Dell Technical Manual asking $15 + shipping cost tbd
  • RAM Sets
    • G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1333 (one has different head spreader than the other 3, but same model) Newegg Link asking $85 + shipping cost tbd
  • Storage Drives
    • Seagate 1TB 7200RPM SSHD (refurb from factory drive) Newegg Link asking $50 + shipping cost tbd
    • Aluminum Enclosure G-Force3 w/ 3TB Drive External USB 3.0 Newegg Link asking $60 + shipping cost tbd
  • Computer Cases
    • NZXT S340 Blue (has faulty usb 3.0 front i/o cable) Newegg Link asking $45 + shipping cost tbd
    • Corsair 100R (windowed) Newegg Link asking $40 + shipping cost tbd
  • Web-cameras
    • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Logitech Link asking $40 + shipping cost tbd
  • Other Hardware
    • TP-Link Wireless PCIe Network Card Amazon Link asking $20 + shipping cost tbd
  • Monitors
    • LG 29" UltraWide 29Ub55-B IPS Panel Newegg Link asking $200 + shipping cost tbd
    • ASUS 23.6" VS247H LCD (LED back-lit) Newegg Link asking $60 + shipping cost tbd
    • Acer 23.6" IPS LCD/LED Newegg Link asking $60 + shipping cost tbd
  • Other Stuff
    • RESERVED PlayStation 4 500GB Black comes with original box, 2 controllers, killzone, destiny, battlefield 4 asking $250 + shipping cost tbd
      • RESERVED Additionally Rock Band 4 band kit (drums, guitar, mic, and cd game) will sell with ps4 listing above if wanted for a total of $300 (includes the $250 ps4) + shipping cost tbd
    • Mackie CR3 Pair Powered Speakers Newegg Link asking $60 + shipping cost tbd
    • iPhone 6+ or 6s+ URBAN ARMOR GEAR case orange Newegg Link asking $20 + shipping cost tbd
    • Surface Pro 1, i5, 128GB Storage, 4GB Ram, Win 10, Power Keyboard, AND type cover keyboard, Samsung 64GB micro sd card, and black URBAN ARMOR GEAR case, also comes with the writing pen and charger asking $250 + shipping cost tbd
    • sold Apple Watch Series 2 Aluminum Body Space Gray, Black Nylon Band. asking $350 + shipping cost tbd

#229247 Sale: GTX1080FTW & Apple Watch Series 2

Posted by Al Hoff on February 21, 2017

That was fast. Someone made me an offer on the 1080. Sold! Apple Watch still for sale!

#228857 GSN Retro Arcade Merch Now Available!

Posted by Al Hoff on January 26, 2017

Remember that one time I won everything at the LAN party. Yeah. I missed out-- cool design in my opinion! Very collectible much good looking!

#222754 Donation from Al Hoff

Posted by Al Hoff on May 22, 2016

Thanks Al! What did we do to deserve that!

Just thought I would tip your goal to 100%. Yall have been and are, nice people so why not? :)



Me. All me. I meet with Al occasionally for *favors*......



Next time, we're keeping the lights on...  :devil:



Thanks Hoff!!!!! :D


Hey man thanks!




A Big thanks! :yes:


thx Al

Not a problem guys, carry on!  :ninja:

#214288 Looking For A Video Card?

Posted by Al Hoff on November 18, 2015

Great seller, fast shipment, A+++. Would buy again. 



#212480 To All People That Are Leaving. Post Here

Posted by Al Hoff on October 23, 2015

Well, I've left GSN guys. I just want to let you all know it was fun and it was real. I enjoyed meeting all of you over the last year and a half and the lot of you at the LAN party earlier this October. Good gaming and very enjoyable content. Hope to see you all soon out there in the virtual battlefield!


I'll still be on steam and gaming so don't take me off your friends list!



- Hoff

#211461 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by Al Hoff on October 20, 2015

Wow. Why don't I hate you @BadBadRobot? Because you're right, your post is right. Altis Life is stressful to admin. Even though I dedicated more or less the 16 months here to the GPD and countless hours managing it I'm not even mad. I'm glad. :) Thank you and I don't hate you. I'm here in a great community with awesome people-- its really all I ever wanted.

#211111 [ERA]+Durr+[Meh]

Posted by Al Hoff on October 19, 2015

Banned by Al Hoff.


1 month ban may be lifted when it turns November 20th 2015 (EST).


report: https://gsngaming.co...-player-report/

#211054 teeth

Posted by Al Hoff on October 19, 2015

My sister basically said that vaneers are strong but the bond can be broken (ie getting punched in the mouth) but they can put it back in. So thats all I got for you lol

#211006 Welcome to our new members!

Posted by Al Hoff on October 19, 2015

Back to green. Congrats everyone! Hope to see all you retired old dudes around still!

#209216 Donation from Al Hoff

Posted by Al Hoff on October 12, 2015

Thanks Al you're the man! Donation will help, you rock bro!

#209094 M2 and Project Zelda :)

Posted by Al Hoff on October 12, 2015

Why must I cry? Thanks everyone who donated, I wasn't one of them unfortunately
M2 you are an amazing guy and I think its pretty clear GSN will always have your back! Which is why I'm gonna toss gsn 15 bucks later today since everyone here pitched in ill toss back to leep this place going. Amazing place and people--i think we all can agree. It was good seeing you Saturday lets do it again LONGER and HARDER next year?

#209082 Happy Birthday

Posted by Al Hoff on October 12, 2015

Oooo looky there! Happy birthday gents!

#208774 Brian Smith Derogatory Language

Posted by Al Hoff on October 11, 2015

What game? (CoD, BF3, Ect..): Arma 3

What server were you on?: Altis Life

What time/date is the report for?: ~3PM EST 10/11/15

What is the players name that you are reporting?: Brian Smith

Brain Smith using derogatory language. Told him to stop and he continued. Told him the consequence of his action and he continued. Young, immature, annoying. Basically asking us to ban him.


Video may still be processing for a couple minutes.