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December 06, 2017

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DIY Thread

December 05, 2017

Hey everyone! As anyone that knows me knows, I love to build/fix/attempt to do as much around my house/cars/shop as possible without asking for help or paying a professional to come do it for me.


In the spirit of this, I wanted to start up a thread to let everyone showcase their own DIY projects both during/after and also a place for people to ask questions and learn stuff too! 


So feel free to post anything from installing new door knobs to overhauling engines! I would love to see and hear the stories of the trials and tribulations of fellow DIY enthusiasts! 


December 05, 2017

User: http://gsngaming.com.../10132-mtnba2k/


Reason for ban: Posting spam topics with links to buy in-game currency for different games





Black Friday Sales 2017

November 22, 2017

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to start up a thread for anyone and everyone to post links to awesome Black Friday deals happening this week!


I will start off with something totally against the grain, a badass miter saw(pun intended) the Delta just released is $250 off at select Lowe's stores around the US(including 3 within 30 miles of my house). If you are interested in checking it out Click Here


UPDATE: I totally bought the saw... zero regrets. the thing's amazing.


Another awesome deal I heard was happening is the Amazon Echo Dot(Gen 2) is going to be $20 off @ $30 bucks. I have 3 of these and love the fuck out of em lol highly recommend it! Check it out HERE



If you guys and gals have any other suggestions post below! 

Forums Renaissance

November 22, 2017

For those of you that have been here long enough to remember a time before Discord came along, the forums were the hub of this community. A place we would look forward to coming back to day in and day out to see the latest happenings around the community as well as share and communicate with hundreds of people from all over the world. It was the main reason I fell in love with this place and to this day, I miss the constant activity and constant conversations that happened here.


A couple weeks ago, at the members-only meeting in GSN’s Discord, there was a lot of talk about a revival/rebuilding/replacement of these forums and a jump start of the good ol days of being able to follow conversations without the threat of it being washed out in Discord. I was genuinely surprised to hear this opinion as it is something I have wished to happen for a while now and I’m glad I’m not the only one.


During the meeting, we spoke of the possibility of revamping the forums, upgrading to a newer version of IPBoard and even talked about the possibility of archiving the current forums and starting with a clean slate to bring new life into the otherwise abandoned message boards of days passed. These were all great ideas and myself and the rest of the staff would love to talk through these more and more but the path to any of these larger ideas is a tough one and is full of a good amount of work on the back end of things by some really busy staff members. And with the current activity on the forums, I just don’t know if it would be justified to buy new licenses, transfer the databases, rebuild the forums from the ground up without the traffic to warrant such a large undertaking.


So I have come to you with a challenge. A challenge to put our keyboards where our mouths are. The forums are all but dead. And beyond the last week of a couple topics being thrown up by some that were in attendance for the member meeting, I’m fairly sure we could count the new topics posted in the past 2 years on two hands.


So I ask those of you inexperienced with these forums to explore, look through the old introductions of people you now interact with every day. See what our old battlestations looked like, post a topic that starts a conversation, but most of all have some fun debating, sharing, and commenting on posts old and new. Update your profile bio, change that old picture, and start this GSNGaming.com renaissance rolling.


Like I said before, I love the forums and have so many amazing memories forever cataloged within these pages. If you have any questions about the forums, feel free to reach out to the veterans around here(whether its staff, or Moderators, or members) and ask. My PMs are always open here and in discord and I would be happy to help in any way possible.