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#230227 yosupitsryan

Posted by SaltySam on November 16, 2017

Welcome to the community, Ryan! You have stumbled into the right place. We are all just old(or old at heart) folks that love to just chill and game. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

#230153 Remember 1manklan , Cain

Posted by SaltySam on June 27, 2017

He passed soon after my introduction to this community, but even in such a short time he had a huge impact in me falling in love with this place. He was a perfect illustration of how this community is a family first. His laugh will forever echo in these halls.


Rest in peace, Cain

#230092 Commy goes to usa again!

Posted by SaltySam on May 21, 2017

Had a blast in the pouring rain blowing shit up! Door is open if you are ever back in the DC area again!

#229742 Hey, I'm Hendroski

Posted by SaltySam on April 01, 2017

Welcome fellow MD'er! (I live way down in southern MD) Thanks for posting the intro and I am sure I will meet ya in the discord server at some point! If you have any questions just let us know!

#229715 My first PC Build!

Posted by SaltySam on March 29, 2017

Solid build sheet! Definitely a great base to build off of for the next few years. I was in the same boat a little over 3 years ago so no worries on rushing to get it up and running before hiding all those cables away. There's always time for that.


The only thing I noticed is that you mounted the CPU radiator facing up, it's not a huge deal because you have the open mesh above, but if you were to face it to blow towards the back of the case, the exhaust fan for the case would help to pull that hot air out of the case. The only reason I mention that is because you said you did overclock. So if you start seeing some higher ambient case temperatures at load, you may want to try either adding some exhaust fans to the top of the case or just turnings the cooler to face to the back.


Other then that great build and thanks for posting!

#229714 Hi everyone, fresh meat here!

Posted by SaltySam on March 29, 2017

Thanks for posting the intro Mino and welcome to the forums! Hope to meet up with ya in the Discord server and kill some cartel cronies in Wildlands soon! If you have any questions be sure to let us know!

#229346 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by SaltySam on February 26, 2017

Welcome to the squad everyone and congrats!

#229239 Conan Server Check-In

Posted by SaltySam on February 21, 2017

Hey Exiles!


Just wanted to make up a post to check in with everyone to see what everyone thought of the current server settings/rules/etc and to also address some of the concerns that I have heard from players on the server.


So first off, thank the almighty Yog that the server's performance has stabilized and allowed all of us to actually get online and play together finally! Seems that the configs and the restarts(mostly from the frequency of patches) has led us to a spot where (correct me if I'm wrong here) we aren't seeing any dips in performance besides the obvious plethora of bugs/glitches known to the game devs and that's pretty awesome!


Secondly, I have been hearing a good amount of people saying that there are tons of structures both in the starter area and around the map that are unused and I will be getting with some of the other admins and starting to wrangle those structures in and delete them as we find them being left dormant for long periods of time. This game doesn't log player joins currently and it would be almost impossible for us to implement something to do this that is accurate to the players since this is a hosted game server and not a dedicated server with a VM running the server. SO if you see these structures, take  a screenshot of the map where they are and either post it here or just shoot me a PM in discord and I will check em out and get rid of those that are just taking up space and not being used.


Third, I would like to amend the rules just a bit to clarify some things related to blocking resources/overbuilding. There will be a rule added that no one can build where there are important resources being blocked by buildings. That applies to anything important/scarce(i.e. iron, Story NPCs, NPC camps, etc)


This map is large, but there are a good amount of people building and trying to find new areas to move as they progress through the game. We all started in the SE and have moved North and West as we progress. Now for the GSN survival/crafting veterans, it is fairly understood that if you are concentrating your efforts in one area, you don't leave unused buildings/bases dormant as that may be a spot that a newer/less active player would like to build. This doesn't necessarily pertain to small outposts in the middle of nowhere like we have out by the village in the west, but if there are clans with 4 or 5 large bases dotted around the map, eventually no new players will be able to build and explore those areas and will leave the server to find servers where those areas are accessible. I don't want to put a hard number on the amount of bases that players have, but I would like to add a rule that we be mindful of other players(both new to the server and old) and tear down anything you aren't using to leave as much of the map open as possible so we can all move around and build in areas new to us without being tormented by dead bases claiming land that could otherwise be used by other players. So I ask that each clan on the server do a check-in with their current real estate portfolio and maybe try to cull the list to a couple instead of a dozen. This rule would help ALL of the players on the server and give the people new to the server more options as they progress from the desert into the mountains.


As always, I would like to hear any and all opinions from our players pertaining to possible additions to the ruleset, possible changes in the server settings, performance issues, etc. Just post below with what you think of my suggestions and also anything you would like to see changed!


Thanks for all the input and carry on!



#229068 Server online?

Posted by SaltySam on February 07, 2017

Hi, I am playing on your server till Saturday. This morning I can't see the server. It show statue dead!! Have you closed your server?


Thanks for the reply,


Server updates can usually be found in the #conanexiles channel in our discord server: https://discord.gg/kBxtwNw


^^This is definitely true


We have been fighting issues with the server hosting service and they are working to resolve these issues "as soon as possible"


So we are basically without the server until they get their hardware fixed. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. We haven't closed it, though we may be changing hosts soon if these issues persist.

#229012 The End of an Era: Ark

Posted by SaltySam on February 04, 2017

What a waste of booze bbr

OE is more furniture polish then booze anyhow haha

#228983 The End of an Era: Ark

Posted by SaltySam on February 01, 2017

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewall to the GSNGaming Ark Survival Server for the time being in order to make way for the Conan: Exiles server. The games are very similar and even though many of you have already migrated, I encourage those that haven't experienced the game to watch some videos and give it a shot!


For those who would like to download the last save of the GSN Ark server in order to continue it on single player, I will be posting it in this topic once I have had a chance to scrub some private info from the files for public use.


Thanks to all of the admins that have come and gone through the year(s) we have hosted the server and more importantly, thanks to the players we have met along the way. I have had a blast playing and meeting all of you and hope to continue playing with you all in the next chapter!


For those that wish to continue their current save on our servers here are the last Save folders for both servers along with cleaned config files both the Game.ini and the UserSettings:




There is a fairly complicated process to setting up the cluster servers but if you just want to insert one of the servers into your single player its as easy as replacing the single player files with the ones in this zip file.




#228975 Poll: Conan Exiles, would you be interested in a server?

Posted by SaltySam on February 01, 2017

Seems like at least enough interest in Conan(and fall out in Ark) to warrant a test run of swapping our ark servers over to a 20 slot Conan server. I will be working my ass off tonight to get the server up for everyone tonight and but i want to take care of the slow work first; getting ark server files archived, shutting those down, getting all the server info/settings pages written and posted and then going about testing the new server. Be patient and know it will be up either tonight or early tomorrow morning depending on how easily the server can be reconfigured for our tastes.


To start with it seems we will be going with a PvE server, maybe just 2x Gathering as it does seems daunting to get started with default gather rates, and we will have no limits on clan sizes so that anyone that wants to team up in the early game can do that with relative ease. Other than that we will do as we always do and let the community decide where we go from there.

#228961 Poll: Conan Exiles, would you be interested in a server?

Posted by SaltySam on February 01, 2017

Hey everyone,


Although I am yet to begin the journey into this new survival crafting game I wanted to go ahead and ask this question since I have heard a lot of hype about this game prior to and after launching.


The game itself can be found here: http://store.steampo...com/app/440900/


It currently costs $29.99 for the base game and is a Early Access Survival Crafting Sandbox style game full of crazy  AI enemies and excessive nudity.


If you are currently playing the game and would like to see a GSN Gaming hosted server, please answer in the poll above.


If you are on the fence about the game and seeing a server hosted, admined, and controlled by GSN would sway you towards playing the game, just post below with some suggestions for settings(there are a ton of changes that can be made to everything from harvest rates, to the weather, to PvP, etc)


The initial idea with this hosting would be to allow for time for people to settle into the game in a PvE only environment so everyone can get their bearings and then a little down the road poll again and see how many would want to see PvP action and go from there(there's always ways to do events for PvP as well that wouldn't cost anyone their entire work effort i.e. backup, switch to pvp, murder all the things, revert to the back up lol)j


So any and all ideas are welcome, I could get this project rolling as soon as today/tomorrow if there's significant interest!



#228958 Who still Plays Ark?

Posted by SaltySam on February 01, 2017

Save the server file. I'd like to run it on my own !

If the server goes away, I will make a post saying so, and also do a full backup and offer up the saves to whoever would want them

#228939 Conan Exiles Who plays?

Posted by SaltySam on January 31, 2017



I bought it today, but working tonight so i will let it download and get at it tomorrow. And keep in mind that this is another game that the community can host servers for so if it gains momentum, let some members know so we could get a server up and running!