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#230570 Uh, a new member...as always :D

Posted by SaltySam on December 25, 2017

Welcome to the forums, Jessy from Germany! Thabks for posting the intro and telling us about yourself. And of course! Feel free to hop in discord and meet and greet some more peeps!

And if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask us!

#230529 A new member...

Posted by SaltySam on December 13, 2017

Welcome to the forums, CrazyIris. Glad to have you here, be sure to jump into the discord and mingle/game with every one!
Any friend of Greg's is a friend of mine!

Any questions don't be afraid to ask!

#230518 Greetings From Ashybear!

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

Welcome to the GSN Forums, Ashy! Glad you decided to drop in and say hello! Should fit in just find around here. Take a look around and if you got any questions don't be afraid to ask!

#230516 Donation from Ashybear

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

Thanks for the donation Ashybear ! Yo da bess!

#230510 I haven't completely retired...

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

Good lord that's a lot of cookies! Nice to hear from ya Tim and hope the growing family is all healthy and happy(especially with all the work you've been doing away from home helping with the post hurricane stuff in the Gulf)

#230509 Happy Birthday

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, brother! Yeah I posted late, but I used to change your fuggin diapers so deal with it :P

#230508 Headset Problem

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

My Sennheisers are going on 3 years of constant use and they are still just as crisp and comfy as they have ever been. Great buy too! Let us know how you like em!

#230507 AC: Black flag ac4bfsp.exe has stopped working

Posted by SaltySam on December 12, 2017

When the game crashes, is it showing anything in Windows Event viewer ? Also, in the geforce experience are there optimized settings you can enable for the game prior to launching?


Also, check out this thread Paronity made about forcing the problem program to create a .dmp file when it crashes: http://gsngaming.com...-dump-on-crash/


The contents of a .dmp file could give us some more information on how to diagnose this issue.

#230475 Happy Birthday

Posted by SaltySam on December 08, 2017



Hope your birthday is more amazing then this picture IdahOgoLd lol

#230470 DIY Thread

Posted by SaltySam on December 08, 2017

My latest projects! The 3 cutting boards I made out of Red Oak and Poplar and that mobile work bench that is made out of 4 reclaimed cabinets, 2 sheets of 3/4 ply and some casters! It's got a ton of storage for whatever I need and can currently hold about 1800lbs without breaking the wheels off!



1129171158 (2017-11-29T11_58_21.000).jpg





#230469 DIY Thread

Posted by SaltySam on December 08, 2017

That is so sexy, hnnngggggggg haha 


I am wanting to build my own desk for my setup but I don't know how to go about doing that... :wallbash:

To be totally honest, start by googling/youtube searching desks and seeing what other people have come up with, i have always had a bit of do-it-yourself-er in me but i had ZERO experience with something as complicated as a full size base cabinet before. I hadn't build much more than framed 2x4 stuff prior to this just dove in head first and took my time

#230463 MickeyWhit/HSYLorena/Lawrence73

Posted by SaltySam on December 06, 2017

User(s): MickeyWhit, HSYLorena, Lawrence73


Reason: Spamming Links in their profiles







#230462 DIY Thread

Posted by SaltySam on December 05, 2017



To get this started off, here is one of my most recent projects to date. This is a base cabinet/work bench that I designed and built myself from scratch. 


Designed it to scale in SketchUp to get a feel for the size and allow me to make a cut list to see the cost of materials


Made up the carcass/framed out the face


Built the Drawers and installed the hardware


After making the top and applying a crap ton of finish, I insulated and sheathed the walls behind the bench, ran some more power and installed the pegboard after installing the bench!




I had never built even so much as a bookshelf when I decided to take this project on and even though a skilled eye sees a bunch of flaws, I am proud as fuck to have the finished product you see before you. It was close to 60 hours of working on just the building of the cabinet itself and I wouldn't trade the learning experiences/screw-ups for anything. Now to find out what the next big challenge could be! 


Hope you like, criticism is welcome!


#230461 DIY Thread

Posted by SaltySam on December 05, 2017

Hey everyone! As anyone that knows me knows, I love to build/fix/attempt to do as much around my house/cars/shop as possible without asking for help or paying a professional to come do it for me.


In the spirit of this, I wanted to start up a thread to let everyone showcase their own DIY projects both during/after and also a place for people to ask questions and learn stuff too! 


So feel free to post anything from installing new door knobs to overhauling engines! I would love to see and hear the stories of the trials and tribulations of fellow DIY enthusiasts! 

#230455 What do you do? (Jobs Post)

Posted by SaltySam on December 04, 2017

Seeing as it's been a while since I last posted in here, I figured I would update this with the new job.


I'm still working at the power plant going on my 9th year there but have recently(last July) got promoted to control room supervisor. It's still shift work a.k.a. still working nights, weekends, and holidays throughout the year. However, instead of running around the plant all hours of the day and night in terrible conditions, I am confined to one of two control rooms(Coal units or Natural Gas units) and I get to be the one to tell the plant operators what needs to be done. 


It's a job that continues to teach me the ins and outs of the plant but instead of sweating my nutsack off everyday, I can just walk over and turn down the thermostat. 


When someone asks what I do, I tell them I do Homer Simpson's job. And that's about what it boils down to.