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Need a new setup...

November 06, 2017

So I need a new setup..mine is rather sad...mine is currently viewable in my profile..


I'm talking all of it..case..mobo..HDs...video..audio...even keyboard (not mouse tho..I'm just going to look fod and find another exactly or similar to mine because it's GREAT with my humongous hand xD) 


My challenge is this...as cheap as possible, but still able to play games like PUBG, COD, BF1, etc.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go.

Another Re-Introduction

October 14, 2017

I to, much like @robville, have been around this place for a time but took a leave of absence. Mostly due to computer failure issues but also work.


I've been a GSNian since 9-22-2013 and have always been loyal to his clan and community. A lot of great times have been had here and I've made some excellent friends along the way. I never got a chance to do a meetup, as usually those happened at my lowest of times, but if one is held in the future I'm confident I can attend..


Lately I've been gaming more now that my PC is back up and running...FINALLY uppped my RAM to 16GB (from it's previous of 4GB....) and sometime next week should get a decent video card that a former GSN member is sending me that I bought from him..it's not top of the line like a lot of you have, but it's certainly better than the GeForce 9800 GTX/GTX+ I'm using currently...


As for gaming, I've started putting effort into YouTubing, but the editing time for videos really dragged me down so I've started Live Streaming off YouTube..and may eventually move to Twitch once I get my Twitch fixed back up again.. Still trying to figure out OBS and scenes and switching and whatnot so that will be a learning progress.


Currently I work full time as a security guard at a Firestone factory..not the greatest..nor highest paying, but it's a job..gives me food, gas, vape juice, and gaming money so I'm happy.


In the past few years I've picked up vaping as a way to stop smoking and have gotten into it a lot more than most..I'm on a competitive team and in the last competition I took 2nd place in my class, losing to a fellow teammate which is always good. I currently have 4 mods. 2 boxes and 2 mechs, the boxes run tanks and the mechs of course run RDAs. The newest box I literally just got the other day and is a customized Hex Ohm that members of my team all got and is personalized with my team nickname of Too Tall on the side..really awesome stuff. In my streams currently you'll hear my vaping, but in future streams when I get a cam and possibly a green screen you'll actually see them.. #VaporGamer :)


Hope to see the new as well as old faces around as I continue to make more of an effort to get back into gaming..I know I surprised @BadBadRobot one day by hittin up his stream, subscribing, and tossing him some bitties :P


Jolly Good!

Planetbase - E01 - Tutorial!

September 15, 2017

Figured I haven't been around much, that's mostly due to working 60-80 weeks lately, but in my off time I get to have a little fun and decided to make a start at YouTubing for a way to pass the time. I've started a small series for the game Planetbase and it seems like a lot of fun!


Cheap Video Card

March 28, 2017

I'm not looking for anything fancy.. a power surge took out my good card and I'm not sure what happened to my current card (the one listed in my specs in my profile) but it's dead too.. It doesn't need to play the latest games..I'd be happy if I can play Minecraft honestly, but something slightly better than the min reqs for that would be great. My budget is between $80-100 max...will be coming out of my state refund once I finally get it... If you have something that fits that, or have a good lead on something that would do well for that budget or lower, I'm all ears.




<-- This noob who knows more about websites than computers..

JollyGG's New Minecraft Intro

November 26, 2016

Minecraft...that game that is loved by all and constantly returned to...well it's one I play quite a bit of still and in the past 12 hours I've finally rendered out my first Minecraft 3D animation :) All it is is a simple and short intro for my future Minecraft creations...for a video that's 10 seconds long...a LOT of work went into it o.o