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JollyGG's New Minecraft Intro

November 26, 2016

Minecraft...that game that is loved by all and constantly returned to...well it's one I play quite a bit of still and in the past 12 hours I've finally rendered out my first Minecraft 3D animation :) All it is is a simple and short intro for my future Minecraft creations...for a video that's 10 seconds long...a LOT of work went into it o.o




Monitor Flashing

April 28, 2016

Operating System: Windows 7
I turned my whole computer off for the weekend and am finally getting back to it now..I turn it back on and the monitor keeps flashing...any ideas?


T-Mobile Sim Starter Kit +$30 Airtime

February 23, 2016

I bought this Sim Starter kit thinking it would work in a U.S. Cellular phone...whereas it does not. Walmart won't let me return it so instead of just throwing the money away I spent for it, I'm offering it here for $5 cheaper than what I paid. Complete kit, SIM card is just free of the card it comes in because as I said, I did try to get it to work in a U.S. Cellular phone and it didn't.


If sold here on GSN that $30 will be going towards @Nackers...so keep that in mind :P


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