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#227759 JollyGG's New Minecraft Intro

Posted by JollyGG on November 26, 2016

Minecraft...that game that is loved by all and constantly returned to...well it's one I play quite a bit of still and in the past 12 hours I've finally rendered out my first Minecraft 3D animation :) All it is is a simple and short intro for my future Minecraft creations...for a video that's 10 seconds long...a LOT of work went into it o.o




#227409 Happy Birthday

Posted by JollyGG on November 12, 2016

Thanks :)

#223825 Center Startup

Posted by JollyGG on June 18, 2016

Guess who's kinda back for some fun ARK adventures again! Just gotta get a monitor now..I swear when my PSU died it micro emped the rest of my monitors in my room...even the old CRT won't work...blah. Working on it and getting closer to being fully back!

#218967 T-Mobile Sim Starter Kit +$30 Airtime

Posted by JollyGG on February 23, 2016

I bought this Sim Starter kit thinking it would work in a U.S. Cellular phone...whereas it does not. Walmart won't let me return it so instead of just throwing the money away I spent for it, I'm offering it here for $5 cheaper than what I paid. Complete kit, SIM card is just free of the card it comes in because as I said, I did try to get it to work in a U.S. Cellular phone and it didn't.


If sold here on GSN that $30 will be going towards @Nackers...so keep that in mind :P



#217462 Farewell Friends

Posted by JollyGG on January 27, 2016

Definitely not happy to see this myself. Won't forget running around with you in Altis as JacksawHack lol. SE and MC were always more enjoyable with you and hope to still game with you in the future.

#215930 Valhalla Map for ARK

Posted by JollyGG on December 27, 2015

Without reading the novels of posts yet, only making it was far as Dil's post, I'd like to say my bit.


Yes I'm at end game as well as others and yes I think the map is cluttered with bases. I tried moving a bit northward to get off the south beaches but it seems not far enough.


I would not mind a new map but in interest of testing and seeing how things go how about a new server for the Vahalla map, with the settings as we currently have it and the mods as well...just a new map to play those settings and mods on.


After, say, one month of running two servers we see which server gets the most activity, how many players have accepted their move to a new map, and decide then if we keep just one, or both the servers.


I respect Devils and Dil's ideas about the wipe possibility because this for the most part was why I stopped played Minecraft...just as I'd get something made the server's admins would decide that it was time to wipe the server and start anew. Sometimes I'd be ok with this, other times....not so much. FTB only made this worse as the admins seemed to get to end game so much faster, or I'd get in the game late (as would be now if I started playing) and would get bored and do a wipe just to move onto a new pack....gets rather frustrating....(and this is why I haven't started playing FTB again cause it would be my luck to get a base setup and ready to go...and they wipe and move to a new pack... -.- )

#215454 12 Days of Christmas!

Posted by JollyGG on December 17, 2015

My next gift giving will be around the 8th day of Christmas..and it will be interesting as a merry hunt it will lead you on to find the loot!

#215083 12 Days of Christmas!

Posted by JollyGG on December 13, 2015

I myself will be donating some nice things. And to give players a good hope in finding stuff I will be randomly adding to the box things like pearls, flak armour, and maybe even a diving suit!

#214932 Hi folks

Posted by JollyGG on December 09, 2015

DOn't worry, that purple and green dino I left on his front door smells even worse...considering it came from a Butt Pirate xD

#214737 Hi folks

Posted by JollyGG on December 04, 2015

Welcome! Hopefully you don't smell like the same type of cheese @DonDiablo smells like :P

#214647 For Science!

Posted by JollyGG on December 02, 2015

We wanted to see if a wolf could go into the Death Island Cave (well more specifically we wanted to see if a saber could too but the saber was lost on the way to the island due to a platform saddle glitch...) and after glimpsing the cave, and then, ahem, running away with my tail between my legs, we take a romp over Death Island with @SaltySam and @Coyote!


#214632 Difficulty Setting

Posted by JollyGG on December 01, 2015

Stairs are something that ARK is actually picking up in the future as an actual game update, though stairs, rounded pieces, and corners for sloped roofs (e.g. make a pyramid base) would be awesome


As for difficulty I'm all for that. Highest level wild dinos I've seen are lvl 93 Pteras and Turtles...not a big threat. Highest alpha I've seen is an 86 rex...5 minutes on the weakest of my 4 quetzals...so difficulty increase would be quite nice... specially since only thing the higher level players have to worry about death wise is being like @SaltySam and pressing E while flying :P...that and getting ARKed like joining the server and spawning in the ocean or lagging off your quetz platform saddle but those can't be helped.


I think the glass mod too will be making it's way into ARK in the future as well, but would be nice specially if we could have like big glass panels like in Space Engineers, lol

#214439 ARK - Ptera Attack Squad v1.0 vs Giganotosaurus

Posted by JollyGG on November 24, 2015

Two Giganotosaurs spotted. Last one was a lvl 34 female spotted around 35/69. I saw it, scoped it, and ran the fuck away, lol

#214434 ARK - Ptera Attack Squad v1.0 vs Giganotosaurus

Posted by JollyGG on November 24, 2015

Sooo...yeah. This beast first killed an aloof @Coyote, whom thought it was a couple rexes below him..he lost his argie as well sadly. So I thought I'd scramble the ptjets and head out to see what it was made of. Well..quite a bit actually. Killed 5 Pteras in one bite, and the 6th in another... God Rest Their Souls.


#211564 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by JollyGG on October 21, 2015

I agree that Altis did leech quite a bit from the community. To the older members like myself (and yes I do consider two years with this community as old :P) that were here to enjoy the community before shitfest that was Altis, the server became that of an inside joke. I even so much as uninstalled the game even though I do miss King of the Hill...


Well I think GSN will become stronger with this..though I haven't been playing many games with people in GSN I'm sure that will soon change...just haven't been able to afford the 'Flavor of the Week' as usual so I can't play the games everyone is playing. Perhaps that will change soon, one never knows.