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#214938 FallOUT Best weapon Locations! (whats the best you found?)

Posted by robville on December 09, 2015

bigboy + MIRV mod = the gun of God

#211938 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by robville on October 21, 2015

We had a lot of fun and tbh I have been hoping for this for a long LONG time. I got ARMA (an admittedly good decision) because I had no one to game with bc everyone was so hyped over Altis. When I inevitably ended up helping admining the server there were several nights that I did not sleep because I had to help put out fires and no one was around who could do anything. I honestly got so burnt out that I ended up not playing any games for a pretty considerable amount. I didn't want my frustrations to become animosity. I also knew that Altis was going to be around for awhile and I also didn't want to leave so I figured I would just wait for a new big game to take over and it really never did. Rocket league is the newest thing sweeping the community and in time I will probably get it but for now I am just glad that the headaches Altis caused are gone. Summary fun to play not to admin. I think that is why we liked it in the first place. We played on someone else's server so we weren't bound to fix stuff when it went wrong. 

#186969 robvilles first srawtage

Posted by robville on July 21, 2015

So after nearly 2 years of collecting videos where I don't suck I have finally managed to edit together a sraw Montage. Please keep in mind that this export is a rough cut and I am still tweaking some things for instance the title card isn't perfectly aligned with the viewport. I also plan on adding a few things to add a bit of comedic value. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you @M249-M4A1 for the inspiration.


#169630 First of May

Posted by robville on May 02, 2015

So this is a day in the rears because I forgot but screw it close enough enjoy your month of may people.


Oh and if the artist sounds mildly familiar that is because he is the guy who writes all of the portal songs 

Wish you were gone and still alive are both performed by other artists but he can be found doing his own renditions online.

#168787 Isuckatthis

Posted by robville on April 29, 2015

Welcome ms. @Valshe I know you are going to fit in here just fine, we have lots of lady type peoples and they are fucking amazing everyone of them... also as @Paronity noted gaming and anxiety go hand in hand, I study game design and web design presently and that is one anxious group of nerds trust me (I have a big sample).

A bit about me because ya know why the hell not:

Dad was adopted - he's a butthole (no causal connection to adoption and being a butthole). I admire the cross you carry it can't be an easy one. 

I know the whole anxiety thing pretty well thankfully I've grown out of a lot of it, (Social anxiety is married with asperger's so having it for me is perfectly normal)

I have two dogs and a turtle... I like turtles ( @Bill )

Welcome to the community please let myself or any other member know if you need anything 



#167795 Obama's Anger Translator

Posted by robville on April 27, 2015

Apparently the emperor has watched Key and Peele.... how relevant

#164564 Hardbase.fm

Posted by robville on April 17, 2015

Ban will NOT be lifted. Player was banned for not only RDMing cops but for hacking in ammo and vehicles. Feel free to dispute but barring extraordinary circumstance this ban will never be lifted, have fun in a new server.


Unnamed image (8).png



#163640 GSN still growing

Posted by robville on April 14, 2015

@squishy with tags! I - I don't know what to say.... there are no words, that might sound like a cliche response but coming from me not having words is pretty original...... 



Ohkay then ... I - I might've blacked out there for a minute... perhaps it was  mild stroke induced by what I would have considered to be impossible events taking place. In other words my head divided by 0.... I know what this calls for! A sexy party




Congrats @squishy, it's been a long time coming but you're finally home, safe and sound

#153645 BadBadRobot's G930 Review

Posted by robville on March 08, 2015

I have G930s I don't mind them so much and these guys don't complain too much because my last pair were obnoxious to everyone.

#150874 "Bourbon Virus"

Posted by robville on February 25, 2015

If you're a virus your job is killing people randomly therefore since rdm is rp it is not rdm.

#142271 Windows Holograms

Posted by robville on January 21, 2015

Guys this stuff is a long long long way off. We discussed this in class, it is not even being produced yet... consider this as a video form of generational concept art. Just to give you some perspective the readjustment of the television in the video would require that the base input is either 1) converted from bitmap pixel to vector image or [something we have no clue how to accomplish via algorithm] or 2) that they were originally recorded as vector images. The problem is that a raster image is that which is comprised of pixels. However when you up scale a raster image this is called destructive editing because you are making the computer average the distance between each pixel and add the computer equivalent of an educated guess in between. This is by no means precise and if you have ever up scaled an image in photoshop you will notice that it becomes super blurry. The problem is that once you up sample something you cannot down sample it again because all of the millions of educated guesses get down sampled too. Vector images are those which are shapes arranged in such a way that they create a composite of the image in the process. You can make extremely lifelike images from vector images with the right training but it is incredibly difficult and time consuming. Vector images are special simply because they are pure algorithmic math and are generated by the computer in the first place. You can up sample a vector image to the size of the universe and it will remain in tact and should you have the right perspective to view it (say if you were God) the image would look normal and with perfect resolution. In order for even this one element to come to fruition Windows will have to wait for a decent quality vector based video camera to become available, Just to be clear there are vector based still cameras in development but not video cameras. My best guess is that you will not see anything near the experience presented to you in this video for at a very early minimum 15 years. Sorry to fart in your soup but them's the breaks.

Oh and one more thing Google Glass has officially been cancelled

#137008 Gone for a week be home soon

Posted by robville on January 01, 2015

Good morning and happy New Year everyone,

I am just posting here to let you all know that I will be gone from the 1st through the 5th at a Conference in Nashville Tennessee. I will get a chance to see all sorts of really great speakers and am looking forward to the event (not to mention Jim Gaffigan will be there!). At any rate with my recent activity levels being in the monthly high I didn't want anyone to worry if that I just up and dropped off the face of the earth. Additionally I wanted to ask for any input as to where I should try to go for food and recreation during my downtime, (mostly at night) while I am away. I will be checking back here vis-a-vis my phone so I will still see your responses. Please keep all suggestions PG-13 this particular conference is a Catholic University Student Conference being that I will be with my parish the whole time strip clubs and the like will be received with an instant, Hell No. 

I am looking forward to any responses. If you have any specific recommendations on expensive but tasty and filling restaurants they are appreciated, (Father Rick already agreed to pick up the tab for a group dinner one night lol)

Please await my return and if you do not hear from me presume that I am dead and upon no positive affirmation of this fact assume I have gone off and become a contemplative monk.

Have a good week, and remember...

Don't do anything I wouldn't and if you do; name it after me.





Post script : if there are any of you sexy people in the nashville/opryland area that would like to meet up please let me know when you are free and I will do my best to meet you for lunch... on me of course:)

#134440 Clash of Clans - War Activity

Posted by robville on December 19, 2014

Don't misread my tone, I'm not upset... hard to communicate that aspect via text... that's why I put the pic in there lol

#132554 Tony Hawk Ifrit~!

Posted by robville on December 11, 2014

Jabba was driving that day

#132131 "Epic" Gaming Rig

Posted by robville on December 09, 2014

@Mdude™ it actually could have been I did a bit of research and supposing you were like 8 in 1st grade yeah it totally could have been