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In Topic: FTB Server Shutting Down

November 05, 2016

I had a thought today that may or may not be worth its salt but would it be worthwhile to invest in one of minecraft's realm servers. Realms doesn't support mods at all... like none which is weird right? Am I the only one who finds it odd that a game like minecraft which is best known for having lots and lots of mods, created a service for hosting multiplayer without any support for mods. I know it is only vanilla but I arrived at GSN because of minecraft many many years ago and I would love to see this game come back... especially now that there is a ton that has been added to vanilla. Just a thought. 

In Topic: Whatever team, these are cool.

July 17, 2016

I figured the teams would give a buff to that type of pokemon (water, electric, and fire) I love fire types and I chose Charmander as my starter bc he's always been my favorite starter. So naturally I ended up with Valor. I'm disappointed they didn't have the foresight to buff based on team, but I'm still pretty happy with my decision.

In Topic: Extra Life 2016 - Sign Ups Are OPEN.

May 01, 2016

@Nackers wunderbar count me in

In Topic: Extra Life 2016 - Sign Ups Are OPEN.

April 30, 2016

can I still stream fpr tje lods even though I got moved to inactive status? PS I will be up and running again soon. The long and short of it is this work bought me a computer to edit on and sent mine back over to my hovel. Said hovel has very few surfaces and as a result I have my monitors mounted on the night stand next to my bed, my pc next to my bed and I have to lay down and use my lap as a desk for my keyboard.... not exactly the best set up but it can do for stuff like youtube and email just not great for gaming... I will be moving soon to a new apartment and will have a desk there I may even have a dedicated office depending on the number of roommates I have next year. 

In Topic: Video editing for youtube

April 29, 2016

looks like a render problem I assume you have dedicated graphics, yes? if so you may need to make sure of a couple things. First and foremost that your video drivers are up to date, second that they are set to be the default render (I am guessing it will read use GPU CUDA), last check your settings in general, are you missing any codecs, are you exporting at a high frame rate, personally my preferred render settings are H264 1080 x 1920 29.97 fps this gives a really nice high res image with a decent file size. 

Finally I will do a program plug here. I use Adobe CC 2015 it isn't really that expensive for a personal license and it is subscription based so you pay by the month. To get premiere and premiere alone is 20 bucks a month but if you go up a tier you get everything mind you it is 50 bucks a month which isn't really that bad considering what you are getting and the fact that you get the newest version at no additional cost as soon as it comes out. I mean yeah it is 600 bucks a year but in reality you would have spent several times that in the past for the whole suite and you wouldn't get the full version and if you hit dire straits just cancel and move on. I would say from experience that the programs produce wonderful results and I have edited literally hundreds of videos for my company using this suite. 

hope that helps,

God bless,