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In Topic: Cheap Video Card

October 02, 2017

just got me a 1070 for 420 for what it's worth it definitely smokes what I was running by a ton

In Topic: FTB Server Shutting Down

November 05, 2016

I had a thought today that may or may not be worth its salt but would it be worthwhile to invest in one of minecraft's realm servers. Realms doesn't support mods at all... like none which is weird right? Am I the only one who finds it odd that a game like minecraft which is best known for having lots and lots of mods, created a service for hosting multiplayer without any support for mods. I know it is only vanilla but I arrived at GSN because of minecraft many many years ago and I would love to see this game come back... especially now that there is a ton that has been added to vanilla. Just a thought.