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#214815 Happy Birthday

Posted by Poppy on December 06, 2015

Thanks guys for the birthday thoughts...doing well recovering from major back surgery...Thanks again!!

#202626 A3 Wasteland Stratis Open Beta

Posted by Poppy on September 15, 2015

Wit, that's a hoot....they are going to really love me then..lol

#200671 A3 Wasteland Stratis Open Beta

Posted by Poppy on September 08, 2015

  My opinion about sniping....short range sniping (400m-800m) doesn't require the degree of skill that shooting at ranges from 1000m to 2500m. Be assured that shooting at these longer ranges requires SKILL...sure you can walk rounds in until you hit your target, but that truly is not skill. Hit your target at 1000m to 2500m with one shot requires a high degree of skill to do it consistently. Sniping is an integral part of any combat sim as it is in real life, so the rifles are necessary in my opinion. If you want to play run and gun, ARMA is probably not for you. I have been complained about in BF2, BF3 and ARMA for my sniping preference, but that is my game play style. If I try to play run and gun, I get my ass handed to me every time, but I don't ask that LMG's be removed...so I use the skills that I have...SNIPER. I have documented several 2400m one shots and my best is 2647m 2 shots...SO BEWARE..I MAY BE WATCHING YOU FROM AFAR..



#186808 Beer Run

Posted by Poppy on July 21, 2015

Col Troutman and I making a beer run...we just hate to be out of beer....



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#185610 R.A.T 7 Mouse issues

Posted by Poppy on July 17, 2015

Me too...had the same problem with mine....only it took me two of them before I made a switch. While it was working though, it was the best gaming mouse that I have tried.

#185608 KoTH Server Removed

Posted by Poppy on July 17, 2015

Trout, that was well said my friend. I too had some of the best if not the best gaming experience of my time here at GSN playing KOTH with all you guys. I hated to see it go, but there was no reason to keep the server if we couldn't get one player some nights. There were a few guys that played during the day, so I feel your pain with it gone, but as Troutman said, we can invade any other server in force and take it over. And don't let Troutman's humility fool you...he was a stone cold killer from "Troutman's Rock". I watched him progress into a very good sniper and always he had my back, saving my scope locked ass more that once. He was the best at calling targets for me at crazy ranges that I probably would have not seen.So I am all for playing KOTH anytime, anywhere as long as the GSN Army is in the battle...



#176919 Computer Cases, shopping help.

Posted by Poppy on June 08, 2015

Here is what I am using...tons of room and cooling capacity...if you have the room for it.


Cooler Master HAF XB EVO



#176536 Everytime night arrives...a bunny get punched in the face

Posted by Poppy on June 06, 2015

I have the night settings as low as we are allowed to change them and the day cycle as high as we can have them. We can't turn off the night cycle completely on our side. We also need to add the Sophia map to our server also. Maybe Robot can look into these issues further for us.



#175210 GSN Snipers

Posted by Poppy on May 30, 2015

Ok....Sorry for causing a problem with my sniping.. I will try not to snipe unless the server is loaded or there are enemy snipers to deal with. I am not trying to cause players to avoid our server because of my style of game play...its just what I like and what I am good at. I always make sure that when I snipe, its not camping on one position...I move constantly and make sure the server is well loaded with players as I said above. I will take a break from it if that is a problem. Thanks to all of you guys bringing it to my attention.


Trout...better get .22 shorts, the long rifle will be an advantage...LOL



#174118 Worm food ban

Posted by Poppy on May 25, 2015

I have removed him from the ban list.


#172949 Poppy's new addition to the Garage

Posted by Poppy on May 16, 2015

Yep Preacher... a custom installed K40 RL360i...front and rear protection with jamming Defuser g5

#172756 Poppy's new addition to the Garage

Posted by Poppy on May 15, 2015

I have been looking for a new "Toy" for a few weeks and I finally found one. A ZR1 with only 3450 miles on it. 638 Horsepower of F**King FUN!!!! Pick it up in the morning and in my garage by noon.

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Posted by Poppy on April 19, 2015

Some sniper fun on KOTH...


#163289 Scopes

Posted by Poppy on April 13, 2015

There are other scopes added that will serve any need that you have. There are long range, medium range and short range as well as CQB scopes. My advice is find the one that fits your situation and pick a weapon that fits your situation and PRACTICE...use the same weapon/scope combination over and over again until you get proficient with it. The worst thing you can do is keep picking different weapons and scopes...you will never get very proficient. I am using the Kahlia and a Lynx up to 2000m and is working very well. I use the MOS and the Cyrus for shorter ranges out to 800m. The MAR-10 is also a beast out to 1500m.

Happy Hunting and keep your head on a swivel...Poppy might be watching you from afar....

#162154 New Zombie Killer ...

Posted by Poppy on April 09, 2015

I am just finishing up on my latest Mark 12 SPR build. Need to disassemble it and lock tight everything and get it to the range for break In and testing this weekend.


5.56 NATO

Match Grade 18" Barrel

Adjustable combat trigger


3 X 9 Variable Bushnell (Waiting on Leupold M4)

Green Laser



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