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#230094 Commy goes to usa again!

Posted by joey on May 22, 2017

look at m2 all grown up , he has white hairs O.O

#229734 Noob looking for advice

Posted by joey on March 31, 2017

and for upgrades maybe a graphic card?



but your CPU needs an upgrade too otherwise it will be bottleneck by the GPU and you wont get much performance out of it.


depending on your power supply , you could probably get a really cheap cpu and motherboard for around 100$


nackers is selling his http://gsngaming.com...3-mobo-8gb-ram/

#229270 Black ops 1 Map rotation

Posted by joey on February 22, 2017

azure ftw

#228682 Hello From the Land of Smiles

Posted by joey on January 11, 2017

Hello From the Land of wano where the shogun resides but not for long

#227410 Guess who's back

Posted by joey on November 12, 2016

Shady's back , back again!

#226735 Hi, I'm a printer!

Posted by joey on October 14, 2016

welcome to the forums!!!!!!!

awww u like cox



Maybe I will. 


dont leave dont be that guy :D

#225867 Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer

Posted by joey on September 05, 2016


#225718 GSNians, I need your help.

Posted by joey on August 29, 2016

lingucise as in linguistics exercise

#222017 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare... and... CALL OF DUTY 4 REMASTERED CONFIRMED!

Posted by joey on May 02, 2016

why would anyone trust cod to deliver anything to the pc community in their past three releases they promised dedicated servers run by the community but all their post have been deleted off their "news" i mean the franchise should be sued for pulling that crap , promising something and then bailing ? its all marketing schemes!


i mean , look at this link they deleted the original post on their site but forgot the steam post :D



#220042 Bandit Ace

Posted by joey on March 17, 2016

He's not on his level.   :blink:


#218371 Solid State Hybrid Drive? Hybrid Drive Thoughts..

Posted by joey on February 12, 2016

ocz 120gb 54$ ssd

http://www.amazon.co...gston 120gb ssd

ocz 240gb 67$ ssd



what am trying to say take your time to decide there are so many great choices out there with affordable price

#218370 Solid State Hybrid Drive? Hybrid Drive Thoughts..

Posted by joey on February 12, 2016

it would make more since if you buy an ssd and hard drive as these sshd wont perform as a real ssd

hyper x 500mb r/500mb w

http://www.amazon.co...gston 120gb ssd

wd blue 1tb 7200rpm 64mb cache

http://www.amazon.co...eywords=wd blue


end price a 116 but you will have full ssd speed ... and storage , i dont recommend sshd at all .. the only time you should get sshd is when you have a laptop and you are short on storage and by then i would recommend wd sshd black (but that shit cost a fortune), but for desktop mix all the way man..


and here is the kicker now samsung ssd 500gb cost less than wd sshd so the choice is clear ..


http://www.amazon.co...samsung ssd 500

#217906 I Am a Terrible Teammate

Posted by joey on February 04, 2016

policeman shooting hostages..... :huh:

#216731 Paronicon 2 Black ops logurl question

Posted by joey on January 14, 2016




#216487 Need Advice for Future Hardware Upgrade

Posted by joey on January 09, 2016

great looking setup you got there!

you are right the GPU is the first thing you should change, everything else can last another couple of years

but probably you should get into the DDR4 family, sweet 6cores and obviously a new motherboard

everything else is perfect