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In Topic: Commy goes to usa again!

May 22, 2017

look at m2 all grown up , he has white hairs O.O

In Topic: Helping a friend build a pc for around 650$

April 28, 2017

is the budget also for keyboard/mouse/screen or just pc?

In Topic: Hi I am excited to get to know you all

April 17, 2017

Welcome to the forums

In Topic: in game wedding with my soon to be wife

April 05, 2017

going full bundy huh :D Good luck :)

In Topic: Noob looking for advice

March 31, 2017

and for upgrades maybe a graphic card?



but your CPU needs an upgrade too otherwise it will be bottleneck by the GPU and you wont get much performance out of it.


depending on your power supply , you could probably get a really cheap cpu and motherboard for around 100$


nackers is selling his http://gsngaming.com...3-mobo-8gb-ram/