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In Topic: 1080ti or wait for new cards?

November 08, 2017

i would wait a bit since your card isnt so bad am 99% certain that new cards either in December or 2018 first quarter 

In Topic: 2 EVGA 980TI 6GB Hybrid Video Cards for Sale

September 08, 2017

you should have sold them a month ago............................................. 


In Topic: Graphic card dieded

August 10, 2017

a friend of mine has one of those custom loop evga 980 ti's... really really nice super cool and great performance.


i installed and so far so good! runs cool 28c idle,  45c~55c~65c depending on the game 

everything runs very smooth 144+ fps am a happy customer!

In Topic: Graphic card dieded

July 29, 2017

found this bad boy while searching , i think am going with it 


In Topic: Graphic card dieded

July 29, 2017

I recently got the 1080ti strix I love it. So far it seems the card can handle anything so I am sure the regular 1080 strix is still a powerhouse.

good point 



Zotac is for me the way to go


 i never tried zotac what makes them your way to go?