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#216493 Need Advice for Future Hardware Upgrade

Posted by three beers on January 09, 2016

That new 27 inch monitor will put extra weight on your gpu ponnies, just bought myself a new 27 inch gaming monitor from dell and can only manage to get fps in the 70s at ultra settings from my evga 980ti.

#214642 Driver Failure?

Posted by three beers on December 02, 2015

HI Koda ! my two cents on this next time you upgrade your graphics card get one with at least 4GB of vram. might save you some headaches, newer top games are requiring more memory to function properly. When a new driver gives me trouble I rolled back to the previous one until the next one is available. :)

#208489 A tragic time for my family...

Posted by three beers on October 10, 2015

Sorry about your loss, the death of a parent is one of the most traumatic experience a human being have to face. Lost  my own dad in 1995. Hope you get tons of help.

#198640 Computer Bluescreening

Posted by three beers on September 01, 2015

AMD graphics cards division living up to it`s old name (ATI) and bad habits for making shitty drivers. I didn`t get blue screens on my pc while it had a sapphire r9 290x 8gb in it but did get plenty of crashed/recovered so it`s been replaced by a evga geforce 980 ti 6gb and problem resolved for me :)

#191298 GPU crashs during playing games

Posted by three beers on August 07, 2015

Hello there ! When BF4 came out for the first time after install went ahead to play and got a similar notification. My pc back then had only 8gb of ram. Right away I replace the ram with a 16gb set and error notice never saw again. ( my pc is currently on 32gb of ram)

#125710 Picture Thread

Posted by three beers on November 11, 2014

On the far left circa 1984, only GANGSTAS be rockin the bottle like dat.


I have a picture doing same thing ten years earlier.

#88764 Anyone still playing BF3?

Posted by three beers on May 29, 2014

Anyone still play BF3? Since BF3 is free to download up to June 3rd, I plan to download it and play some of it. Anyone still playing it? I'd love to play with some people here.


[C2C] countdown 2 chaos clan has a good BF3 server but they move player around to unstack teams.    ( I don't have much time for gaming anymore, so I usually jump on this one for a quickie after work every other night if I get back before midnight. :)

#79105 My new Rig

Posted by three beers on February 21, 2014

man that motherboard looks tiny inside that tower.

#75596 Silent's New Set up !

Posted by three beers on December 31, 2013

long overdue upgrade ! I'm sure it blewn away  when you use it for the first time. enjoy your investment my friend. :thumbsup:

#75261 Merry Christmas

Posted by three beers on December 27, 2013

Everyone here says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 




Before the aftermath on Christmas day:


beautiful family paronity god bless :D

#73493 El Impacto ..back up

Posted by three beers on November 26, 2013

Lucky you know the ways of old school overclocking, these new cpu's some say run hot ! :D

#73492 Obliteration Vote

Posted by three beers on November 26, 2013

For all of you voting not to change it I expect it to be at least half FULL every time I look at it.

it's always empty, time to try something new.

#72774 We're having a baby!

Posted by three beers on November 16, 2013


#70825 Picture Thread

Posted by three beers on October 18, 2013

you give the word chillin a new meaning ! :o

#70817 Help a former console gamer? (Also Introduction)

Posted by three beers on October 18, 2013

Welcome GNUnix ! I hope you're responsible with your wallet, because consoles can not be upgraded with hundreds of dollars in betters parts. I started with a modest rig back in 2009, done two full upgrades after that. for battlefield badcompany2 and BF3, as of today I probably spent about five grand and counting(most of it in video cards) each one costing me about five hundred dollars ! examples, two evga 480s three evga 580s bought one evga 680 back in the spring and now because I want to run decent framerates at ultra settings in BF4 I 've just purchase another evga 680 to run SLI from the founding member BadRobot. Advice? give your girl all your credit cards ! (too late for me their all max out) :(