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In Topic: Computer is Deaderino

October 15, 2016

How you doing bro! Sucks what happened to your 980Ti. Did you overclocked this gpu regulary? I have the same graphics card and it runs cool with the hybrid set up.


June 17, 2016

Just got done fighting to regain control of my machine. This display driver is cancerous. If you plan on testing it make sure you create a pre-install restore point in Windows. The driver install itself crashes the machine at best and at worst it bricks any graphics driver from loading at boot. Read this thread on Reddit for more issues.


My recommendation: DO NOT INSTALL!


Reddit: Driver 368.39 FAQ/Discussion Thread

Looks like your SLI setup did not like this new driver. My single 980 ti is working fine with it.

In Topic: Dedicated Physx GPU Question

January 23, 2016

Last summer after getting my 980 ti I tried using the 980 4gb for dedicated physxs but could not make it work. maybe nvidia figured this would keep some customers from going SLI hurting sales of newer graphics cards?

In Topic: Need Advice for Future Hardware Upgrade

January 09, 2016

That new 27 inch monitor will put extra weight on your gpu ponnies, just bought myself a new 27 inch gaming monitor from dell and can only manage to get fps in the 70s at ultra settings from my evga 980ti.

In Topic: Driver Failure?

December 02, 2015

HI Koda ! my two cents on this next time you upgrade your graphics card get one with at least 4GB of vram. might save you some headaches, newer top games are requiring more memory to function properly. When a new driver gives me trouble I rolled back to the previous one until the next one is available. :)