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#219902 Hello Everybody

Posted by 11b30 on March 13, 2016

Hey man!  How old are you?

#217755 Happy Birthday

Posted by 11b30 on February 01, 2016

Happy Birthday Ole Timer!  Have a great one!

#217068 Insurgency - WWII Mod.

Posted by 11b30 on January 23, 2016

I just played this today and it is awesome!  You have to Opt. in to the Beta for Insurgency and download the MOD but its free.  Very cool and fun!







#215353 Dragon Valley 2015 in BF4 Legacy Operations, Now Available

Posted by 11b30 on December 16, 2015

Played for several hours last night and I thought the map was great! Played well and not too overpowered by vehicles! Logging on again tonight if anyone is looking to play

#215260 Why I Stopped Playing BF4

Posted by 11b30 on December 15, 2015

What?  You still killed him! No big deal :blink:

#214687 Jim Jefferies - Gun Control

Posted by 11b30 on December 03, 2015

Well, having served in the Infantry in combat, I can honestly say "I like guns!" 


But seriously, I will defend everyone's right to speak their mind and have their own beliefs, but in my honest opinion, if you are living in this country, not a convicted felon and old enough to legally own a weapon but you don't well I feel bad for you.  Do I have a weapon for "protection"? yes, yes I do!  Do I have more than one?  Yes I do.  Do I expect someone to break in to my home and attempt to rob or kill me?  No I don't but I do know that if someone does it will not end well for them.  Safety?  Yes my weapons are locked up and unloaded (and I do not children in the home), but can be accessed in about two seconds and ready to go in about 3.  I have owned at least one weapon since I was 21 and I have both pistols and rifles.  Notice I didn't say assault weapons?  A rifle (even a military style weapon) designed for civilian use is NOT an assault weapon.  An assault weapon is a weapon employed by the military and what I carried in Iraq.  What I have now is a rifle designed to replicate a military style weapon.  


Given the climate of the world right now and having seen first hand what mankind if capable of, I choose to own a weapon (or 6).  So to wrap up my mini rant - I own weapons because I like them and like to know that if ever needed, I have the ability to defend myself and my family.  If you don't like weapons and don't feel the need to own one, great, I hope you never end up on the wrong side of one. 


Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees! 

#214018 Happy Birthday

Posted by 11b30 on November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Jolly!

#213053 Goodbye Teamspeak, Goodbye Shoutbox.

Posted by 11b30 on October 28, 2015

TLDR: badbad robot "if your not a GSN fo fuck yourself." 10/10 on destroying a great community ya twat

Wow, 15 posts!  You have been around GSN as a Forum Member for what a week or so?  Glad you have it all figured out.  My goodness, if you had been around 5 years ago maybe all of this would have never happened!!  Naw.. I'm just shitting you...



#213052 Goodbye Teamspeak, Goodbye Shoutbox.

Posted by 11b30 on October 28, 2015

Welp a great community down the shitter because bad bad robot doesnt like trolls DEAL WITH IT PUSSY (It would be an honor to be banned by one of you GSN twats)

And you junior are the reason this decision was made.  Please enjoy yourself, just not here.  Bye bye :D

#212947 How to easily get the Pahntom Bow

Posted by 11b30 on October 27, 2015

Quick little video on how to easily obtain the Phantom Bow:




#212946 M9 is God

Posted by 11b30 on October 27, 2015

Anyone know the guy using the M9?  He kicks ass with it! (Start the video at 2 mins, 13 Seconds because that is the only clip that matters! <_<




#212913 Battlefield 4 Fall Update

Posted by 11b30 on October 27, 2015

FYI....  You need to search "community dlc" in the Origin Store and add the jungle Map to your cart.  (Its Free) and then check out and download it.  and no, I don't know why they did it that way again!

#212882 Battlefield 4 Fall Update

Posted by 11b30 on October 27, 2015

For those of you who don't want to read all the notes:



#212442 Happy Birthday

Posted by 11b30 on October 23, 2015

Happy Birthday!!

#212441 The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

Posted by 11b30 on October 23, 2015

without altis life gsn isnt much.....

Really? GSN has been around long before Altis AND you and will be here long after you are gone so uhhh... BUH BYE