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Summer Games Done Quick

July 01, 2016

I will officially be getting nothing done next week or so.....


Summer Games Done Quick is an annual charity video game marathon streamed live here and on Twitch.TV, with donations going directly to Doctors Without Borders (no middle-man)! The event features high-level play by speedrunners, playing games as quickly as possible. During the stream, viewers can donate to see various challenges completed, or to be entered in for awesome prizes! Make sure to come back for the show, starting at 11:30 AM Central Time Sunday, right here!


Summer Games Done Quick is July 3, 2016 — July 10, 2016 this year and they are supporting Doctors without Borders. 


Check it out!


Home: https://gamesdonequick.com/

Schedule: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule

New Worms Incoming

May 20, 2016



It’s the 21st anniversary of Worms, and Team17 is celebrating it by launching the best version of the game yet! Worms W.M.D has a new look and new features; delivered by an engine that recreates classic Worms physics and gameplay.



I will so be on this. Love me some worms action! :D