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In Topic: Donation from Paronity

April 17, 2017

This has been a test of the GSN donation broadcast system. It is sponsored by my wallet. :)

In Topic: Paronicon 2 API Error 408

April 09, 2017



Had you think to put the project as an open source? you can find a lot of contributors.


I support open-source wholeheartedly, however, due to the nature of Paronicon, as well as some flaws that were made in its development, I'm afraid it can never be open source.


Paronicon started as a mere concept and for me to learn how to code from the ground up and to do while I was bored. Due to that, there are several pieces of code that simply can not be trusted in the hands of some people, and unfortunately, it is those people that will prevent it from being open in the near future as well.


There are a couple people that have access to the code repository and I'm not above letting people into it, but It has to be done very selectively, and in a way that still allows me to have control of who sees it (to some extent).  

In Topic: Paronicon 2 API Error 408

March 30, 2017

Ok - This is the latest build. I don't have my primary machine setup, which has the installer and stuff on it at this time. Thus, I did not increase the version number so that it will still pick up when I officially push it.  Just drop this EXE in and give it a whirl:



In Topic: Paronicon 2 API Error 408

March 30, 2017



Did you found a solution for this? can we get access to the source code to fix the error?


Sorry for the delayed repose. I got your message on twitter. I'm building an EXE for now. 

In Topic: Donation from JollyGG

March 11, 2017

Thanks you giant bastard.