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ARK - Firewalkers Tribe

December 27, 2016

If you have stopped playing ARK for whatever reason please let the ADMIN know, so we may clean up the server. As a tribe member your dino's and building don't time out for destruction when fellow tribe members are online. If you have been away from ARK for some time, but plan on returning that's great, but have curiosity to let us know via this post or private message.


If you're not in the Firewalkers tribe and decide to leave please destroy your base and give away your dino's or contact us here by responding to this message or private message and I will take care of it.


The purpose of this message is to free up the quality base locations on the servers for the new players, which we have several since the Christmas Steam sale of ARK.


Thank you,





My new mouse, it's a RAT

December 15, 2016

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No Man's Sky

August 14, 2016

With all of the bad press and reviews on this game, I decided to try it out for myself, after talking with Cola and several other GSN member who were running it. The game loaded and work fine for me. You set up the FPS in the options menu, default is 30.  I set mine to 90 and it runs great, will try to up that setting  some today. There is a learning curve with the game and the best answer is to join in with us on Discord and ask questions. I'm a newbie and still trying to learn the commands and how things work.

Trophy Room

August 06, 2016

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Trophy Room


That's a lot of Alpha T-Rex heads.

How sweet it is!

August 03, 2016

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GTX 1080 Sea Hawk