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#228642 Happy Birthday

Posted by Iceman on January 08, 2017

Have a great one! :yes:

#228203 Ladies and gentlemen ...

Posted by Iceman on December 19, 2016

A big round of applause for the new members. Congratulations. :thumbsup:

#227970 Donation from Iceman

Posted by Iceman on December 06, 2016

I thought I would give one more donation before I deploy in January for 8 Months. Hope everyone has a great holiday season! :yes:


Posted by Iceman on December 04, 2016

Nice work!! :thumbsup:

#227938 Donation from Redbootz

Posted by Iceman on December 04, 2016

A Big Thanks! :thumbsup:

#226883 Should GSN Gaming rent a Battlefield One server?

Posted by Iceman on October 19, 2016

I am sitting here trying to thing how to respond to this pole Robot or Papa "not sure if you changed your name :D". How many people are still playing BF and/or playing BF1? Back when I joined GSN the Battle Field series was pretty Big and we had no problem populating our servers, and yes @Nackers they were pretty easy to admin since you really only had a few choices to choose from. As time passed we had a hell of time getting them going and it began to feel like a chore. I spent many a morning sitting in an empty GSN server trying to get it going. It seems to me that most people who play now don't like servers that have active admins , example King of the Hill. I haven't gotten the game yet due to its price and that I am deploying soon and won't be back to end of next summer. If the community decides to get one, at least it is fairly cheap and won't be much of a loss. Then again maybe it will be a hit, who knows. Just the opinion of an old man. :)

#226534 Happy Anniversary

Posted by Iceman on October 03, 2016

I honestly didn't realize that GSN was only around for a year before I joined. Happy Anniversary GSN! :thumbsup:



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#226411 Nividia Geforce Diver update 372.90

Posted by Iceman on September 24, 2016

 Are the people having problems installing Gforce Experience as well? I stopped using it because I was finding it becoming bloatware. I just installed the drives only on Win10 and not having any problems. I also do a clean install each time.

#226388 Donation from JollyGG

Posted by Iceman on September 22, 2016

A Big thanks JollyGG! :thumbsup:

#225808 Nvidia gtx 1060 more powerful than gtx 980?

Posted by Iceman on September 01, 2016

Some other things you should consider when buying a new video card are the available outputs and the age of your mother board. A new video card will probably work in a order setup, but you will not get the full benefit of that card if your mother board is dated or configured in a way that it does not take advantage of PCIe slots. The other point would be what kind of outputs that it has, and what kind of monitors you have. I understand you are not using any fancy outputs such as 4K but its kind of pointless to have a kickass video card when you only have older 60Hz LED monitors. In the end all I am saying consider all your external factors, and is it really worth it to spend a bundle on a video card, when the rest of your system is dated, (not that I am saying yours is). Good luck on your purchase. :thumbsup:

#225772 Happy belated birthday

Posted by Iceman on August 30, 2016

Sorry I missed the missed birthday wishes guys. I hope you had a great one! :yes:



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#225441 Looking for CPU Cooler

Posted by Iceman on August 18, 2016

@Dustles, you might throw in what kind of computer case you have. Depending on your case size eg. mid, full tower will determine the size of a cooler you can put in. I just recently upgraded my computer and went from a H70 Corsair liquid cooler to a H100i v2 duel radiator cooler. I am running in a Cooler Master HFX full tower and have tons of room to fit just about any type of liquid cooling. The Corsair series have worked great for me, but then again, I set my mother board for auto overclock, so I don't do anything extreme. Good luck. :thumbsup:

#225346 Graphics card?

Posted by Iceman on August 15, 2016

ZoTac 1070 Founders Edtion.


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#225309 What's Up

Posted by Iceman on August 13, 2016


#225307 Happy Birthday

Posted by Iceman on August 13, 2016

Have a great one! :yes: