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Oh hi there

January 19, 2018

Well hello there, fancy meeting you here.

My name is Shadow, or Owen and I'm 18 years old from just outside Liverpool, England. I've been in GSN for a while but I've always forgot to properly introduce myself.


I started out as a console player like most of us, first playing on the PS1 and followed all my life up until the Xbox One. I made the switch to PC gaming around 2-3 years ago and haven't looked back since. Having access to PC gaming led me to start to watch Twitch, which led to me joining GSN by meeting BBR a few years ago. I play all sorts of games, so you'll see me about in different channels in the discord!


I have 2 other main hobbies, Football (soccer, okay) and music. I support Liverpool F.C and have done all my life, due to it being in my family for around 100 years. In fact, my Mum has shown me photos of my first clothes as a baby, which was a Liverpool kit! I regularly go to Anfield to watch the mighty reds and I would call it a second home. 

Music is my other passion, I'm into most types of it as long as it has guitars in it. My favourite bands at the moment are Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. I don't currently play any music myself, but I do write lyrics just for fun and am trying to learn guitar hoping to form a band with my friends in the near future.


I know I've already had the chance to play with a lot of you guys, but here's to more fun games in the future. Love ya.


PS If you ever wanna play hit me up on discord or add me on steam (MrShadowPro) or Battlenet (MrShadowPro#21348)