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January 07, 2018

Hey everyone my Name is Cameron or as in Game you could just call me Tim.

I'm 22 years old and I am from the United States, Ohio but Born and raised in Good Ol' Kentucky.


Just giving this introduction for application to become a member of your community. I think I'm a pretty good chap being how much Coyote and me get along.


I used to post videos to YouTube but just coming back from some Medical Issues so I will be starting to post Videos again to YouTube and I am also Starting another Twitch Channel.


YouTube Channel https://www.youtube....-oqp1AAxuPS4KHw


I came from Xbox Live, I ran a Clan/Community for many years on there known as Brother In Arms or MLGx Studios.


I play games like (ARK, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, League of Legends, Just Survive, The Forest, Rocket League, WarHammer 2, DOOM, Terraria, Starbound..the list goes on etc.)


I am extremely friendly to about anyone, once you get to know me more I can become pretty chill.


I found this community while looking for a well established community through Google because my long retired community finally took a crash and burn sadly, I was member with Resistance Gaming / BattleGuns for about 7-8 years.


I have hosted many servers including Minecraft, The Forest, ARk. I will mention the minecraft server I hosted actually generated NET money I could spend on server upgrades, paying for the monthly payments and still have money left over for Community donations.


I can play about anything, just shoot me friend request on Steam