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#230630 My First PC Build

Posted by Omi88 on January 03, 2018

My PC build


Processor: Intel i5 - 4570 with stock coller


MSI Mother board


16 GB of Ram


AMD Radion R9 Series 270x 4GB


750 power supply


Logitech speaker system.


HP 22" monitor


Keyboard and mouse

#230629 Hello from Master Omi

Posted by Omi88 on January 03, 2018

Hi, my name is Omi. I'm a gamer, musician and work in IT. I have played all my life, from Mario on the Nitendo 64 from PS4 and the latest PC.


I have made my own PC build. I wanted to join a community where i can find like minded people to play with, just to have fun.


Thank you,