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#230431 Christmas games

Posted by fosuu on December 01, 2017

Hello everyone!

i have fond christmas memories playing games like world of warcraft and the crasy christmas themed maps from cs 1.6  with my friends.

Now that i dont play wow anymore and cs go doesnt really have that many christas servers, i was wondering if you guys know of any other games to get me into that sweet sweet christmas spirit?

Any games you like that give the christmas feeling, is christas related or just are related to christmas for you in some way!


#230415 The new dude on the block

Posted by fosuu on November 29, 2017

Hey all, fosuu here!


Im a Norwegian 24 year old student gamer looking for fellow gamers to game with in the games and stuff.

as i got older all of my friends stopped playing pc games, this resulted in me not having anybody to play with. i stumbled upon this through google looking for places to find fellow gamers and love the positivity i have experienced these 10 first minute upon joining lol.

I mainly play Overwatch, csgo, PUBG, hearthstone and football manager, but i have knowledge and interest in many other titles and would love to discuss them with you.

i am a bit shy, so give me some time! i will open up and get over my fear of speaking broken english one day.