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#230425 Don't Starve Together

Posted by Rangerdanger0 on December 01, 2017

I love the game, if only I had a little better connection to you I would be able to play better XD

#230396 A wild Rangerdanger appears!

Posted by Rangerdanger0 on November 28, 2017

Hello everyone!


My name is rangerdanger0 or rangerdanger or whatever you want to call me!


I have been around this community for a long time actually but just recently started to get into the discord/forums more.  I will try and be more active as time goes on since I'm pretty bad at being on forums.


I have been playing games for most of my life but really don't have a computer to do many things.  I used to have a decent gaming laptop that sadly took it's last breath a while ago.  My parents then bought me a macbook pro for school so I can't really game as hardcore as I would want.  I was trying to save up for a real gaming PC but life and school comes first so I don't have a lot of extra cash to build or buy one.  I still enjoy watching people stream stuff and I just play small games like Minecraft and Garrys Mod once in a while.


Like I sais before, I found GSN along time ago when I was on twitch and wanted to watch people playing the New COD 2: Mob of the dead zombies map and happened to stumble upon BBR playing it on the GSN twitch.  I watched him for hours that day and then watched other people play on the GSN twitch for a while before taking a year or two break from twitch.  I came back about a year and half ago and found BBR again, Nackers, and a few others that I used to watch all the time.


I'm so excited to become apart of this community (even if I don't have a super amazing computer to do every game on) so feel free to message me and say hello!