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#230517 Greetings From Ashybear!

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Heyyyyy Ashyyyy!!!! Welcome! 

#230494 Happy Birthday

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on December 11, 2017

Happy Birthday VANS!

#230483 Video Game Shenanigans With SpaceCoder

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on December 09, 2017

lol Space that is pretty good clips

#230478 What do you do? (Jobs Post)

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on December 09, 2017

I currently work at Wawa, Inc. as a Fuel Associate (because you can't pump your own gas here in New Jersey..LOL). But I am in the works of getting into becoming an EMT. But, hopefully getting a job at Alert Ambulance or in a local township for EMS. 


I have also been  doing Volunteer EMS for my local township as a give back to my community. I am hoping for big things in 2018.

#230467 DIY Thread

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on December 07, 2017

That is so sexy, hnnngggggggg haha 


I am wanting to build my own desk for my setup but I don't know how to go about doing that... :wallbash:

#230447 Donation from DonDiablo

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on December 01, 2017

Thanks Donnnnnn!

#230401 A wild Rangerdanger appears!

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on November 28, 2017

Hey Ranger danger!

#230390 darkvader123(YouTuber)

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on November 27, 2017

That is a good catch. Gj Thunder

#230282 The wild PeNNsiL appears! aka MrFul

Posted by MisteRFulcrouS on November 22, 2017

Hello GSN! Also hello to fellow gamers!

My name is Dakodah aka MrFul aka PeNNsiL (recent name change). I am in BBR’s term - level 22 almost Level 23. I have been gaming since I was 4-5 years old. Played on PS1, then PS2 and 3. For my 14th birthday my mom got me a computer. I gamed on i for a few year until it started blue screen every single day. So I took the parts out of it and sold them for just cash.

I havent been gaming much as I dont have a solid computer to do so. But I have been playing World Of Tanks and World Of Warships. Was able to play H1 also.

Since then, I have started building my PC in the past few weeks and only need 3 very necessary things to get it built: CPU, GPU, RAM

How I found GSN? - was watching Naaackers stream and found BBR’s stream soon after!

That’s alittle about me. Now to get personal: I have Cystic Fibrosis and have had it for 23 years in April. was diagnosed around 3 months of me being born.

If you got any questions, feel free to ask!